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In recent years, more and more hotels are opening in the U.S. This in response to a booming travel and tourism industry. In 2017, there was $1.6 trillion in bookings.

Every year, it seems there is more and more competition. As potential customers are exposed to more and more choice, the pressure is on to stand out and succeed.

In 2015, the number of available hotel rooms exceeded the landmark 5 million number. However, just because you own a hotel does not mean it will be successful.

So what are the keys to running a successful hotel location? Physical location is important but there are many other factors. Here are 5 tips that you will want to make sure you follow in your hotel.

1. Time Waits for No Man

Actually, the full adage is that time and tide waits for no man. The advantage of the tide is that you can easily see it. Time, however, has a habit of getting away from us unless we strictly stick to a schedule.

If you are planning to open a hotel, then no doubt there will be much work to be done before your official opening. Construction and renovation will need planning as well as interior design. 

This is an exciting time as the hotel begins to take shape. The opening date should be announced early and marketing to promote that opening should also be underway. 

Whatever happens, you must open on time. 

It is a marketing disaster to set a date and then not deliver. There will always be a long list of factors that seem to be out of your control. However, a major part of your responsibility is to always deliver.

To be successful in the hotel industry you must learn to adapt to whatever happens. That may be a delay in the construction, a leak in the water supply or even an attack from mother nature.

If you can learn the skill of adapting to circumstances, then you will always have happy guests no matter what may be happening in the background.

2. Put Personality into Your Hotel Location

Your hotel needs personality if it is to stand out. It is not just a room with a bed for the night. You must create an experience, you must bring the destination to the client.

Depending on your budget you may not have the luxury of choosing the exact location you want. That need not overly limit you. Create a location that people will want to go to.

That means you need to give careful thought to the natural design and features of your building and seek to enhance those. Be sympathetic to the original architecture and do not underestimate the skilfull use of art, furniture, and ornaments to convey the personality you want.

People with Personality

Besides your creating personality within the building, it must be acknowledged that your staff will need plenty of ‘personality’ for your hotel to be memorable and successful.

Training is extremely important. Invest time and resources in your most important resource. If people love the room but do not like the staff they will not come back.

Think long-term. You want to attract as much repeat business as possible. Using a team of people with personality will help create relationships with clients and help them have a sense of belonging and place. 

Training is vital but you cannot teach ‘personality.’ So get your recruitment right from the beginning. Think about how you will assess this in new potential employees.

3. Push the Boat Out

These are the four words you want your clients to be thinking. When they are in your hotel they are having such a good time, that they are not worried about the cost but simply enjoying themselves.

How to do that?

Whatever you do for them, make sure you do it right and to the highest standard. Do not accept mediocrity. 

Create added value wherever you can. That may mean free newspapers, use of dressing gowns, free parking, free healthy vegetarian alternatives for breakfast, and pet-friendly policies etc. There are many things you can do to help your guests relax.

If they are relaxed, they will spend more on your hotel and they will visit again. Even your corporate guests will appreciate this quality. Check out this blog post for some great tips on how to own a hotel.

4. Maintain Your Maintenance

Your hotel will look beautiful when the construction is finished or when the renovations are complete. However, if you want to keep it that way you will need a strong maintenance routine for your building.

You never want your guests to find the faults before you do. So you need to make sure your maintenance routine is a maintenance routine and not simply a repair job.

That means your maintenance team needs to test, and test again on a regular basis so that they are the ones to identify problems and then solve them.

5. Know Your Marketing Channels

There are many ways to market a hotel. The important thing is that you are clear on which of these channels is delivering the best return on your investment.

Comparison websites are a useful tool but they can be expensive and run the risk that potential clients are attracted to other hotels than yours. Do all you can to promote direct bookings.

Offering discounts and special deals. Offering weekend special rates and bonuses such as complimentary drinks, meals or health spa options. Direct bookings are much more likely to lead to long term relationships with your clients.

It is an excellent idea to promote green policies in your hotel. This will please your clients and will be more cost-effective and sensitive to the environment. Check out some of these ideas here.

See You Soon

In this article, you have read 5 tips to help make your hotel location a success. There are many factors to successful hotels. If you follow these tips you will succeed.

Managing your costs is an important part of a business. Check out this article on reducing costs through conservation of energy.