Solar Generators for Home Use

Solar generators for home power usage have generated quite a bit of discussion over the last few decades. But so far, it isn’t a concept that’s broken through to the mainstream. 

The most obvious roadblocks have been set-up costs and a general lack of understanding about the advantages of solar. In the following article, we’ll be discussing what those advantages are. And hopefully, it will shed the light you need to make an informed decision about implementation.

So, here comes the sun, everyone! At least, this is what it can do for you in generator form.  

1. It Comes from a Free Energy Source

There are time and costs in perpetuity associated with the production of gas and electric utilities. That means ongoing

Switching to solar eliminates these types of expenses. It does so because the sun is entirely free, and no one company or government can lay claim to it from a regulatory standpoint.

Never has been able to; never will! That said, it isn’t free to upgrade your home to solar, and the set-up costs for frames and panels, chargers, and inverters can climb into the thousands of dollars. More on that in a moment.

2. It Is Usable in All Weather Conditions

How can something powered by sunlight be operational on a cloudy or rainy day? It’s a fair question, but not difficult to maneuver once you know the gist of how the technology operates. And that’s precisely what we’re about to share.

The way solar power generators for home use equipment works is this. It “collects” sunlight on those sunny days to power current and backup batteries that keep the home’s power stores ready to go.

Geography does play a role in how quickly it takes your battery system to charge. While every part of the globe has enough access to sunlight, some locations (California) are going to be more conducive to solar power than others (Antarctica). 

3. It Is Easier on the Environment

Gas and electric power do not happen without some wear-and-tear on the environment. They unsettle surroundings and produce varying degrees of waste.

And they are non-renewable energy sources, meaning once you’ve used what you’re going to use, it’s gone forever. Solar works differently. 

This renewable energy source requires little preparation for use, and it’s with us for as long as the sun continues to shine. That’s what makes solar power generators for homes (thankfully) different from the competition. 

4. It Keeps Going Where Other Power Sources Fall Short

Ever experienced a gas leak? Perhaps a downed electrical line? When other power sources fail, they leave you in the dark and without the modern conveniences you’ve come to take for granted.

Solar won’t do that to you, though. It works no matter what, for the following reasons:

  • It operates on power generated by the sun
  • It stores power generated by the sun for later use

Even if a solar panel becomes compromised in some way, thus affecting the harnessing of solar energy, your battery storage should still be able to power you through the situation. This also happens to be why it’s a great idea to have solar even if your home is powered through traditional means.

5. It Is Quiet

To understand how this is possible, you need to answer the question, “How does a solar generator work?” The inverters used to create energy for use are the “noisy” part of solar. 

By “noisy,” we mean they’re no noisier than a traditional air conditioner. The difference is that your AC unit will probably run overnight, depending on the temperature you decide.

Solar inverters, on the other hand, do their work during the day when the sun is at its brightest. Otherwise, they remain off. And that includes when you’re trying to sleep!

6. It Requires Less Maintenance

Other fuel-based energy sources can produce odd smells or get sludgy from aging, stagnant fluids. Gas-powered homes, in particular, can produce carbon monoxide (aka “the silent killer”).

Solar is odorless and doesn’t demand fuel sources other than the sun itself. Best of all, there’s nothing about it that might kill you in your sleep.

7. It Is Versatile

How do you want to deal with it: as the main energy source, a safety net for unexpected gas/electric power outages? Or perhaps the main power source for special occasions (i.e. camping)? 

Solar power is something you can leave at home or take with you. And whether it’s all-encompassing or simply there to power your devices, you’re good to go. 

8. It Saves You Money

Yes, the costs of solar can be a roadblock when it comes to implementation. But there are still ways to do it on the cheap, provided you put in the research necessary.

That last link, for example, notes that solar might add a $10,000 increase to the cost of a new home, but “the homeowner could save $19,000 over 30 years on power savings.” Who wouldn’t want to shop now for an extra $633 per year in their pocket?

Something else to consider is that certain countries, states, or jurisdictions may provide solar incentives. That is, they offer tax credits — money directly off your tax bill — for implementation of solar. 

9. It Is on the Move

Solar generators for home use may not be ready for primetime just yet. But that’s about to change in a big way. In fact, California, by 2020, will have solar panels on most multi-family units and residential houses that are three floors or higher.

This push towards “net-zero housing” — producing energy equal to what is consumed — will see solar-powered homes explode from a current total of 5,000 to around 100,000 virtually overnight, CNBC notes.

Once the rest of the country sees the energy-saving advantages, the “solar boom” from that point will be exponential. Essentially, solar power generators for homes will become the norm. 

Ready to Adopt Solar Generators for Home Use?

We hope you’ve found this look at the nine advantages of solar informative. We also hope it will help you decide whether now’s the right time to make the switch. 

And if you’re not quite ready to add solar generators for home use but want to make a positive impact, check out these eight things you can do to make your current home eco-friendly.