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If your new year’s resolution this year was to go green and save green, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered the perfect tips for you on how to lower your gas bill and be a hero.

Did you know that even small acts in your home can translate into lower CO2 emissions? The next time you do a load of laundry, run it on the cold setting and reduce your emissions by about 1.2-14.9 pounds per load. 

In this article, we’ll dive into both how you can reduce your carbon footprint and how to lower your gas bill, all at once. 

Tips on How to Lower Your Gas Bill

Cutting down on your gas bill not only means more cash for you but a better world for all of us. Continue reading if you’re looking to save a few bucks and save the world.

Lower Your Thermostat

It’s likely that lowering your thermostat just a few degrees won’t make a large difference in your day to day life, however, when the bill comes, you might see a decrease as much as 5 to 10 percent! 

Don’t forget about your water heater thermostat. The standard manufacturer-set temperature for a water heater is about 140 degrees, but it’s also likely that you won’t notice if you drop it down to 120 or so. Experiment with the temperatures and watch your bill fluctuate. 

Learn to Love Socks and Hats

It’s true that you feel a lot warmer when you wear a hat and socks–which is why you’ll never see an Eskimo in flip-flops.

The next time you feel a chill in your home, instead of reaching for the thermostat controller, instead reach for a pair of fuzzy socks and a baseball hat. Your wallet will thank you. 

Install and Energy Efficient HVAC System

If you’re looking to save green and go green, installing a smart HVAC system is in fact a smart move. It will keep you comfortable (both physically and financially) and help lower your energy use. Find out why an energy efficient HVAC system will keep both you and the earth happy. 

Consider Green Energy

Just because your parents used natural gas doesn’t mean you have to. The world is changing and so are the prices of fossil fuels. If you’re looking to change up the energy you use, consider things like radiant energy, atomic energy, and earth energy

Consider Switching to Propane

Propane proves to be a better energy efficient choice over natural gas and much cheaper than electricity. Almost anything run on electricity can be easily fueled by propane including dryers, stoves, heaters, and generators. 

Find out if there are propane delivery services in your area and make the switch today. 

Curious About Going Green? 

Now that you have some ideas on how to lower gas bill, you can start taking responsibility for your energy usage.

For more information on eco-friendly tips, renewable energy info, and green business ideas head over to NuEnergy and get the best tricks for living a green lifestyle.