3d house with solar panel

The UN says we only have 11 years left before global warming becomes irreversible. In the face of such a short time-frame, switching to a reusable water bottle isn’t enough to make an impact.

Fact is, we’ve already used up two-thirds of the world’s resources. If we want to make a difference, it has to happen quickly, and it has to happen in big ways.

One thing we can do to make a difference is to rethink the way we build and design our homes. The building process alone uses up a lot of materials. Controlling the internal climate and water use takes up even more.

So if you’re in a place to renovate your home, or build a new one from scratch, here are 5 eco-friendly home building tips.

Use Recycled Material

Builders in New Mexico designed earthships from completely recycled materials and garbage. These alien-like homes are 100% sustainable and completely eco-friendly. But they’re not practical for everyone. There are regulations and safety ordinances to consider during the building process.

Nonetheless, you can still take away a few key ideas for your new home. Use recycled or certified second-hand materials as much as possible. If you can’t go recycled go sustainable, like bamboo floors over oak.

Think Water Friendly Landscaping

If you live in Arizona, it doesn’t make sense to have a Kentucky Blue Grass lawn. Instead, focus your landscape around the terrain and plants native to your area. This builds a more cohesive and beautiful landscaping. But it’s also better for the environment. When you design a water-friendly landscape, you may not need irrigation at all. That’s because the plants are thriving in their natural habitats.

Plus by removing irrigation, you’re more likely to prevent flooding. If your home does get flooded, call The Flood Team. They’re the flood team water and flooding damage clean-up crew you can count on.

Focus On Insulation and Green Temperature Control

The temperature control you use in your home is the biggest source of your energy bills. So focus on getting a green air-conditioner and an eco-friendly thermostat. Make sure these small changes add up by insulating your home. Install quality energy-star windows when you build your home. The energy savings add up fast.

Go Solar

Of course this is on the list! Solar panels are becoming more available for the average American. It’s a no brainer when it comes to building a green home. Best of all, you can add solar panels when you’re looking to upgrade an older home.

Build Smaller

There’s a reason tiny homes are taking the country by force. It’s easier to build an eco-friendly home when there’s less home to build. On top of that, smaller homes have a smaller carbon footprint. So consider how much house you actually need. Building smaller will save you money from start to finish, and it’s good for the environment too.

Use These Eco-Friendly Home Building Tips To Make A Difference That Lasts

The homes we live in can last for a hundred years or more. And while technology will surely keep growing to improve the way we build, we need to make changes now. These eco-friendly home building tips will help you design a sustainable home that will last for years. And you make a difference that lasts just as long.

But even if you’re not ready for a complete upgrade, you can still go green with these 5 eco-friendly products. Learn more here.