pile of garbage in bags

Americans generate over 200 million tons of trash every year. Although there have been initiatives to reduce garbage, increase recycling efforts, and lower our carbon footprint, the average person produces over 1,000 pounds of trash each year.

And this number is only growing.

The seriousness of this issue has forced people to take note, though. Conservation, recycling, and eco-friendly waste removal practices have increased, which not only helps the environment, but also saves individuals money and resources.

If you’re looking to ‘green your trash’ and start using more eco-friendly products and practices, here is a complete guide for exactly how to do that.

1. Start by Being Smart with Your Waste Removal

A simple way to start changing your trash habits is to be smarter about what you’re actually throwing away. Certain items—like electronics, toxic paints, or tires, for example—shouldn’t be tossed at all.

There are places where you can dispose of paint properly, as well as other substances like gasoline, motor oil, etc.

2. Compost Rather Than Tossing

Composting is a great way to naturally recycle materials back into the earth. (It also makes a great homemade fertilizer!)

Composing is the process of collecting plant-based food products, eggshells, coffee grounds, and other natural things like grass/hair, dust, etc. to create a mixture that will eventually turn into a fully-organic fertilizer.

3. Take Care of Your Junk (Appropriately)

Everyone has junk, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s meant to be trashed. Just like being smart about electronics and other items you physically can’t throw away, junk is made of items that have the potential to be reused, donated, or given to someone else to break down.

Waste removal companies will be sure that your junk is exposed ethically and legally. Whether you’re located on the East Coast or in the Inner West, finding a rubbish removal service is as simple as an internet search.

4. Recycle (And Know the Rules)

Although you may think you’re recycling correctly, it’s best to double-check with your local government to make sure you’re following all best practices.

You can also search online to learn more about what can be recycled vs. what can’t. For example, egg cartons that are made from foam/Styrofoam actually can’t be recycled. Neither can red solo cups.

5. Go Green with Your Accessories

A great way to ‘green your trash’ is to create less trash in the first place.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to implement changes that will help you use fewer materials, for example opting for reusable trash bags over single-use plastic. You can also create art or other DIY projects from old items, or use natural cleaners (like vinegar) rather than buying something in a bottle.

Ready to Start Being More Eco-Friendly?

Truthfully, it’s not as hard as you think. The little shifts you make in your day-to-day practices can easily help reduce your personal trash consumption and footprint while increasing the benefit on the environment.

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