how to buy weed

Smoke it, toke it, eat it. Marijuana is finally legalized where you live and you’re ready for it all.

But do you know how to buy weed? How about how to do so in an eco-friendly way? If you answered no to either of those questions, you are in the right place. Here are the 10 commandments of every eco-friendly weed consumer.

1. Where you Buy Matters

Who you buy your weed from, matters. Do your research before going to a dispensary for the first time, or before you order online.

Make sure the company uses energy efficient resources– lights, water, types of fertilizer– all these factor into an eco-friendly business. Check out these edibles online from an eco-friendly company!

2. Go Organic

Before you reach the checkout, make sure to check if your weed is organic. This means they use no chemicals in the soil, fertilizer, or other processes.

Organic weed grows through natural resources and is the most environmentally friendly way of growing.

3. Stay Local

If you live in an area with a high number of dispensaries, stay local. Chose from area farms you can pick-up from rather than choosing to ship.

The use of resources while shipping is huge– extra packaging, gas consumption, and exhaust pollution can all be avoided.

4. Buy in Bulk

Reduce your waste and buy in bulk! If you know you can consume a specific amount, go for that. You will not have to make as many trips or use unnecessary packaging.

5. No Plastic

All that plastic packaging, wraps, and containers, ditch it. Instead, buy from companies who use recycled materials or see if you can bring your own.

Eliminate your need for plastic bags and packaging by using glass containers.

6. Paper or Glass?

A similar move you can make is to cut out papers and blunts and use glass bowls or pipes instead.

Paper rolls may not account for a lot of waste but its a step in the right direction. If you change to glass you will find your weed habit much more sustainable for you and the environment.

7. Get Rid of the Disposable Vape Pen

Dump it and do not get another one. This goes hand in hand with losing papers too. Vape pens are not eco-friendly as it with the material they are made from and batteries they use.

Once you toss it, leave it in the trash.

8. Natural Cleaners

Clean your glass bowls and pipes with a natural or homemade cleaner. Avoid chemical cleaners to reduce plastic packaging waste and help the environment.

They are healthier for you too!

9. Recycle What You Can

If you must partake in the smoking of blunts or the toke of a vape pen, recycle what you can. Any plastic or paper packaging, batteries, and glass should be recycled.

Be sure you can recycle the materials when you buy them. Try to only purchase items that adhere to the recycling laws in your area.

10. Stop the Flick

See that blunt in your hand? Walk over to a trash can or cigarette bucket and place it in there. Yep, right in the hole.

Stop the flick. Don’t litter.

Know You Know How to Buy Weed

Follow these tips on how to buy weed and be environmentally friendly too. Check your labels and resources before you buy!

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