is vaping better than cigarettes

You know you can feel good about the health benefits of switching from cigarettes to vaping. Have you considered if your smoking choices have a positive or negative impact in other areas?

Smoking is notoriously unhealthy not only for yourself but also for the world around you. Making a change to vaping can help reduce your risks of cancer and certain diseases. But, is vaping better than cigarettes for the environment?

If you want to know how changing to vaping can help you make an environmental impact, read on!

Air Quality

Cigarettes are bad for the air we breathe, so much so that many places around the world have banned smoking. That’s because cigarette smoke creates ten times the pollution of a diesel engine idling over a 30-minute period.

Cigarettes also contain over 4000 chemicals, many of which we release into the air when we exhale after a puff. For the elderly, asthma sufferers, and children, these toxic fumes are especially dangerous.

The CDC reported that areas with smoking bans saw up to a 96% decrease in breathable toxic metal, poisonous gas, and carcinogenic particles suspended in the surrounding air.

With vape clouds, you can rest assured that the only substances you’re exhaling include naturally occurring nicotine gas and water vapor, and the organic compound known as propylene glycol. This equals a safer, cleaner, easier-to-breathe air quality.

Litter No More

Five trillion cigarette butts become litter every year, making them the biggest litter category in the world. This amounts to 1.69 billion pounds of toxic trash that takes up to 12 years to break down in landfills. The United States alone spends over 11 billion dollars cleaning up cigarette waste every year.

Cigarette butts are especially harmful to wildlife, which often mistake them for food. When consumed, these butts can cause vomiting, breathing failure, tremors, and even death.

Don’t forget about those butts that wash into sewer drains. These small filters eventually make their way into our water systems and into the stomachs of marine animals, leeching into the water and fish alike.

E-cigs are made of mostly recyclable components. Unlike the dozens of cigarettes from each pack finding their way into streets and trash bins, vaping devices can be used over and over again. Cartomizers, batteries, and glass or plastic ejuice bottles like the ones offered by Broke Dick can all be recycled or reused.

Save the Trees

Tree over-harvesting is becoming a massive environmental concern, but the rise of vaping may help mitigate the use of trees for cigarette production.

540 million trees are cut down each year to make cigarettes, the waste from which cannot be recycled. With 5.5 trillion cigarettes consumed each year, and each tree producing about 300 cigarettes, switching to vaping means one person could save thousands of trees in their lifetime.

Is Vaping Better than Cigarettes?

Cigarettes pose a serious risk to the human body. Is vaping better than cigarettes? Science tells us making the switch could be a better alternative for both you and the environment.

From reducing the leading cause of litter worldwide to improving our forests and protecting wildlife, vaping is a recyclable and healthier alternative.

The path to a better, cleaner world starts with a single step. Are you looking for more ways to go green in your daily life? Visit us at Nu Energy for tips and advice about how you can be more eco-friendly, every day.