ways to be sustainable

Today’s business landscape is cut-throat competitive.

You’ve got at least 28 million small businesses registered in the United States alone. On top of that, you have almost 2 billion websites all fighting for consumer’s attention.

Because of that stiff competition, it’s important that your business does everything in its power to keep costs down so you can weather periods of low sales and prevent financial disaster.

Among our favorite ways to not only cut costs but boosts your business’ reputation as an organization that cares about their community is by leveraging eco-friendly practices!

There are no shortage of ways to be sustainable as a business. Below, our team goes through a few of our favorite ways we think will have the most positive impact on your bottom line.

1. Change Up Your Lighting

A lot of your company’s electricity usage is likely to come in the way of your lighting use. Fortunately, lighting is also one of the simplest ways you can up your sustainability game and save some serious money.

If your business isn’t already leveraging LED lighting in its office space, switch. LED lighting provides high levels of viability, uses less electricity than traditional bulbs, and lasts up to 10 years!

That means less money spent on your monthly electricity bill, less spent on bulb changes, and less spent on having a contractors come through to maintain your lights.

2. Let People Work From Home

The best way to bring down your office expenses is to ditch your office altogether. Impossible you say? We think not.

Some of the most successful companies on earth have their workforces operate 100% remotely. They communicate via phone or via applications like #Slack and to that end are able to do everything they’d be able to do in a standard office space.

No office means less of a footprint your company is leaving on its community in the way of utility use and area congestion. It also means incredible savings that can keep your company’s financial life and credit from getting ruined (if you have bad credit and need a loan to improve your financial situation, consider loans for bad credit).

3. Conserve Water

In your office, have you invested in eco-friendly sinks and toilets? Do you have notices posted above your kitchen sinks asking people to not leave the water running?

If you haven’t done all or any of those things, you can save a tremendous amount on your water bill by doing so.

For people who lease office spaces, make a request to your building owner that you’d like them to start making eco-improvements as a contingency in your resigning your lease.

4. Break Your Addiction to Convenience

Office spaces are often harbingers of waste. Disposable water cups by the water cooler, disposable coffee filters, cups, flavor pods… this list goes on.

Our recommendation is to do what you can to cut down on one-time use items.

For example, when somebody starts working at your company, give them a reusable mug that they should keep at their desk for when they want to get water or coffee. If your building has a snack cart, consider providing employees with a reusable bowl as opposed to handing out paper plates at the cart.

Plastic cups get recycled less than .25% of the time that they’re used. Anything you can do to reduce their environmental impact and similar items should be among your top ways to be sustainable goals.

5. Encourage Alternative Commuting Methods

There are almost as many cars on the road as there are citizens living in the United States. That reality has caused horrific congestion in our cities and even worst pollution.

To cut back on that impact and reduce difficult parking situations in your organization’s lot, offer incentives for people to carpool, bike, bus or walk. You can give them a paycheck credit every month or enter them into drawings.

Whatever you can do to get people to leave their cars at home will benefit your business and your community substantially!

6. Switch to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers businesses unparalleled flexibility when it comes to growth. It makes it so all of an organization’s most important applications are accessible online which enables people to work together on projects and access files from anywhere in the world.

Cloud computing also offers a bevy on environmental benefits in that your business no longer needs personal servers to house important files and programs. Instead, your files and programs will live offsite on a secure, more sustainable 3rd party server.

For that reason, we recommend that you start seeing which of your business’ processes can migrate to the cloud. Moving them over will improve your organization’s productivity and of course will have a positive impact on your environmental consciousness.

Wrapping up Ways to Be Sustainable That Can Improve Your Business’ Bottom Line

We get it. Being in business in today’s competitive environment is tough. That means that it’s important you do everything in your power to boost productivity while slashing expenses.

The best way to achieve that end and also improve your local community is by finding ways to be sustainable.

We recommend exploring our ways to be sustainable tips above and seeing which you can implement into your business’ day-to-day workflows. Making changes as simple as ditching plastic cups or changing your light bulbs can vastly improve the environment and seriously improve your bottom line.

For more information on how going green can improve your business and the quality of your life on a personal level, check out more of our eco-content on NuEnergy today.