Do you do your part each day to protect the earth? Do you try to come up with eco-friendly ways to live your life?

From the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed, we do things that add to our carbon footprint. It’s up to us to find more environmentally friendly ways to do the things we do on a daily basis.

One place to start is with your daily commute. The number of Americans commuting to work every day is nearly 143 million.

So much of our collective carbon emissions come from these vehicles being on the road. If you’re looking to get to work on time & save the planet, check out these green ways to commute.

1. Carpool

Carpools were a lot more common back in the day, but it’s a great way to lessen carbon emissions. Ask around the office, use social media or ask friends to find some people who are willing to carpool with you. You’ll save money as well as the planet!

2. Work From Home One Day Per Week

Large and small companies alike are hiring remote workers. 3.9 million Americans are now working from home at least half of the work week. Working from home one day a week or changing to a 4-day work week will have you and your vehicle on the road 20% less time per week. Fewer vehicles on the road during popular commute times is also good for the environment.

3. Use Public Transportation

Take the bus or the subway to work each day. The more people who use public transportation, the fewer vehicles we have on the road. This is a very eco-friendly option. Public transportation can be much less stressful and give you time to catch up on reading or finishing some last minute work items.

4. Commute While Getting Your Exercise

Save money on a gym membership and make the choice to walk or ride your bike to work. Many people don’t live close enough to walk to work, but walking can be combined with public transportation. Cycling is another option. A company in Sydney, Australia offers electric bikes that make cycling to work enjoyable, healthy and eco-friendly.

5. Replace Your Vehicle with a Hybrid or Electric Car

Electric and hybrid cars create much less carbon pollution than regular automobiles. This environmentally friendly choice has many benefits in addition to being a way to green your commute. There are tax incentives on the state and federal level as well as discounts on vehicle registration. Your fuel budget will also be reduced. Couple these benefits with higher resale value and it’s a win-win situation.

Doing Your Part for Mother Earth

If we all try in some small way to live our lives in more eco-friendly ways, whether it is using green ways to commute or recycling, reusing or reducing waste, our earth will benefit. Explore our website for more ideas and tips for going green.