plastic lumber

There are over 27,000 tons of plastic floating in our oceans. That plastic is threatening 700 marine species.

While there are plenty of positive uses for plastic, if we aren’t careful, plastic could cause permanent damage to our planet. Thankfully, some clever innovators have figured out a way to use fewer trees while reducing the amount of plastic in our landfills.

Recycling plastic into plastic lumber has been one way to reuse plastic. What’s more, there are plenty of plastic wood products that are holding up much better than real wood ever could.

Keep reading to learn about the possibilities of plastic wood products.

What Is Plastic Lumber?

There are two types of plastic lumber. Composites are wood products made from a mixture of plastics and natural fibers. Wood-like products only contain plastic materials.

Many plastic lumber products are made from recycled plastics. This prevents these plastics from ending up in our landfills or just strewn about on our planet.

The plastic structural lumber resists problems like moisture, rot, insects, and chemicals which normally cause problems in products made solely from wood. Many products often only need to be painted once.

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Plastic Lumber Is Great for Making Outdoor Furniture

Everyone loves outdoor furniture, but the elements will take their toll on the condition of the furniture. Especially if it’s wood-based.

Now you can extend the life of your outdoor furniture because they’re sturdy and durable. You can make all sorts of outdoor furniture using plastic from chairs and tables to swings and benches.

Parks and Landscaping

State parks are increasingly becoming more eco-friendly. Using plastic wood products in the park helps reduce the impact on the environment while reducing the need for maintenance.

Plastic lumber is great for playground equipment, picnic tables, signs, and even swing sets. It’s also perfect to use as retaining walls and support to make hills, lawns, and gardens.

You can also use plastic lumber as border walls, walkways, and raised garden beds. Whether you’re landscaping a park or your backyard, plastic lumber can come in all shapes, sizes, and textures and can be easily painted any color you like.

Exterior Home Improvements

Using plastic lumber to make the outside of your home more beautiful is a great idea. There are many uses for this type of lumber and it’s stronger and more durable than regular wood.

Wooden fences are beautiful, but they are prone to rotting just like any other wood left outside to the elements. The same is true for your exterior windows and door frames.

It’s less expensive to replace all of these with plastic lumber. You’ll love it because once it’s replaced, it requires very little maintenance. This type of lumber is resistant to the weather, heat, and damp.

You can also replace your molding and trim with plastic lumber. It’s maintenance free and environmentally friendly.

Best of all, most of these products will outlast their wooden counterparts without needing to repaint, stain, or replace the product due to infestations or bad weather.

Go Green

Going green isn’t difficult. There are new products like plastic lumber being invented all the time.

There are also small choices you can make every day to help save the planet while lessening your carbon footprint. For more tips on how to go eco-friendly, click here.