While most mattresses can last you for up to 10 years, it’s advisable that you rotate and clean them as well as replace them even more often than that. With the latest in mattress technology, there’s never been a better time than now to replace your mattress. The types of mattresses available offer the opportunity to sleep more comfortably than ever before.

Here are five of the latest developments in mattresses to look out for.

1. Memory Foam

While few sleepers expected this trend to take off, memory foam has become cheaper and more widely available than ever. Developed by NASA to help build pilot uniforms, memory foam was a trade secret in the world of high-end space technology.

When it came to consumers in the 1980s, the first foam beds were created. However, they weren’t for everyone.

Now that the technology has been developed, foam has found its way into all of the best beds. Organic foam, as well as synthetic versions, are filling beds all over the world. With a hybrid of latex and foam, bed hybrids have been created that are more comfortable than nearly anything on the market.

With this mixture, you get firmness as well as a response to pressure. You also benefit from more temperature control that’s naturally figured into the bed.

For side and back sleepers, memory foam is the ideal. That’s because foam creates depressions and contours that fit the wite body and keep you from putting pressure on your spine. This isn’t ideal for all back sleepers and is the opposite of what stomach sleepers look for.

If spine alignment is an issue, then you’ll need something firmer.

2. Beds That Come in a Box

When most people order a bed, it arrives in the same state that it was created. This means that people are carrying unwieldy and clunky mattresses up and down stairs and hallways. If you’re moving a large queen-sized mattress, this can be a nightmare in a city apartment.

However, with the new companies creating beds that arrive in a box, you get a whole queen-sized bed that comes to your door in a box. Get it to the room, open the box, and voila! You have a bed that’s ready to sleep in.

This technology has changed the cost of shipping beds and adds a lot of convenience to buyers. For city dwellers, this eliminates a lot of the stress of moving from place to place or arriving in a new city.

3. Smart Mattresses Are Here

If you’re a picky sleeper, you might struggle with choosing a mattress. Finding a mattress that gives you what you need on Tuesday night even if that’s subject to change on Thursday is a massive challenge. If you snore and it’s impacting your partner, you’ll need a way to fix things.

With smart motion technology, you can ensure that things are the way you need them to be with a remote control. Smart mattresses can give you a head or a foot massage and allow for adjustability that changes by the moment.

Many of them even come with an alarm system that knows when you’re in the lightest of sleep stages. This is the best time to wake up and smart mattresses help account for comfort this way.

You’ll get to sleep faster and wake up better rested when your mattress is paying attention to your needs as you rest.

4. Cool Beds

When you’re sweating while you sleep, you might feel like you never get a proper night’s rest. While adding fans or sleeping with the window open can help, that constant shifting of temperature will never leave you fulfilled. Also, all that dry air blowing at you while you sleep isn’t good for your breathing.

Thankfully, there is now bed technology that reacts to your body’s temperature when you’re sleeping. There are beds that include a top layer that’s infused with a scientifically engineered gel that ensures your mattress breathes while you sleep. Instead of just absorbing and amplifying your heat, you can balance it out with a cool bed.

Sleeping is supposed to be restorative and if you suffer from any kind of muscle or joint pain, then sleeping is going to be your only respite from it. Unfulfilling sleep requires a mattress upgrade to something that can help to ease the pain you feel throughout the day. There are lots of cool bed options out there that are more affordable than you’d think.

5. Natural and Eco-Friendly

With the rise of pollution and the change of climate that’s occurred around the planet, more people are dealing with allergies than ever before. Trying to sleep when you’re struggling to breathe is a challenge. Even if you’re fine with breathing while you sleep, you may want to lessen your carbon footprint.

One way to do this is to look into natural and eco-friendly bedding options. These options ensure that you’re able to sleep on something that’s been naturally and ethically sourced.

If you or your family members have allergies, getting an allergen-free bedding option has never been simpler. When you’re looking for something that’s high in quality and high in ethics, there are more options than ever before. With naturally and ethically sourced bedding, you’ll have a sleep option that feels comfortable while leaving you guilt free in every way.

When organic living matters to you, check out your options and compare here.

Types of Mattresses for Every Sleeper

Just a few decades ago, there were only a few mattress options to choose from for the average sleeper. However, with technology that we have now, there are more sleep options than ever before, ready to suit the needs of the most finicky sleeper.

If you’re looking to save money and be more mindful of your energy use day and night, check out our guide for monitoring temperature while you sleep.