A Nu Science belongs to a future generation. It involves the means of releasing radon gas from its uranium prison. The alpha particles that are generated from the decay of radon can be attracted with a negative charge to an electrode where it can react and produce secondary electrons. Energy is liberated through an atomic fusion transmutation process. This is the exact opposite of fission, or the splitting of atoms. The science that will make this all possible is a discovery that is similar to what is now called photodisintegration. This effect will allow us to speed up the natural decay chain of the uranium matrix. This was discovered in the early 1920’s by T. H. Moray. Because of the misuse of nuclear processes and the spiritual immaturity of humanity, this technology might not be received for a few more generations to come.

Valuable Resource

We are living in a sea of radon. It is created from the natural decay of uranium and thorium minerals in the earth. It diffuses out of the ground into our air. It is responsible for over half of our background radiation count.

The electrical generating devices of T. H. Moray, Alfred Hubbard, Reverend Antonio d’Angelo, Joseph Papp, and others contained radium, a source of radon gas. With this natural fuel source electrical power is obtained with no moving parts. It can be procured right from the ground just as all of our other valuable resources are obtained. The atom no longer has to be split to harness its storehouse of energy.

Direct Conversion of Alpha Decay

The atomic ions emitted from naturally occurring or artificially induced radioactive transformations can be directly converted to electrical power. With this realization comes a natural source of cheap electrical power that can be obtained from the earth.

It is widely known that when beryllium is mixed with radon gas neutron energy is generated. What has been completely missed is the fact that when another element is introduced with radon instead of the beryllium that other states of secondary energy emissions can result. For example; mix germanium with radon and secondary electrons are generated. Electrical power could be generated for many years using this discovery, with little maintenance, replacing an electrode, or replenishing an electrically conductive medium from time to time.