teeth whitening techniques

Sometimes it feels like we can’t do anything enjoyable without some kind of negative side effect. That’s definitely true when it comes to certain eco-minded behaviors. But it’s also true when doing something as simple as having a cup of coffee, and realizing that we’re slowly staining our teeth. 

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a billion dollar industry. Many of us are working overtime to keep our pearly whites actually pearly or white. But the practice of teeth bleaching can be quite expensive.

There are slightly cheaper over the counter products sold in stores. But the effectiveness of these products is up for debate. If you want to help keep your teeth clean, what can you do? 

Read on, and we’ll walk you through nine DIY teeth whitening methods you can do inexpensively at home. 

1. Swish With Oil 

Yellowing teeth is caused by stains to the enamel, which is the outermost layer of your teeth. Plague build up also has the effect of a yellow or discolored look. 

One way to help avoid this less than pleasant look is to try oil pulling. This is actually a traditional Indian folk remedy that dates back years and years. Oil has certain chemical properties that allow it to effectively remove bacteria from the mouth. 

It’s this bacteria that is likely to turn into plaque and cause discoloration. 

Swishing oil daily can help keep the mouth bacteria free and limit the changes of further discoloration. Many people use sunflower oil as it is one of the most pleasant tasting oils available. 

Doing oil pulls through your teeth is absolutely safe and many claim positive results. Just make sure to spit out in a trash can instead of in your sink or you may cause some drainage issues. 

2. Mix Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide 

There are two substances you probably already have in your house that can greatly aid your teeth whitening journey. They are baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. 

Both are popular ingredients in many forms of toothpaste, and for good reason. 

Baking soda has natural whitening properties. It is a mild abrasive, which means that it can help to scrub away surface stains on the enamel of your teeth. It also has the ability to kill bacteria and prevent further stains from appearing. 

Hydrogen peroxide works in much the same way. You probably have peroxide in your house as a disinfectant for wounds or cuts. Its effect is the same in the mouth: it can be used to kill harmful bacteria. 

It’s been found that toothpaste that contains baking soda and hydrogen peroxide have a more positive effect on teeth whiteness over time. If you want an extra dose of whitening power, you can mix these substances with water at home and create your own extra-strong paste. 

Don’t overuse hydrogen peroxide. A small dose is enough, but overuse of the chemical can have the opposite effect, and begin to wear away at the enamel of your teeth. 

3. Practice Better Brushing and Flossing

Some discoloration is the result of certain foods or beverages. But if your teeth are turning yellower, it’s likely as a result of less than stellar tooth care. 

Do you floss every day? Do you actually? 

If not, this is one of the main things you should change if you hope to turn discoloration around. Without a proper brushing or flossing method, the plaque build up will always return to your mouth. 

And this plaque build up will continue to result in the discoloration of your teeth. Making sure you take regular trips to the dentist for cleanings and check-ups is another important task if you want good looking teeth. 

There’s no alternative to good brushing and flossing.

4. Try Eating More Fruits And Veggies

Not only is eating natural fruits and vegetables good for your body, but it can also be good for your teeth. Fruits such as strawberries and pineapples actually work rub plaque build up away as you chew. 

There’s an acidity at work in such fruits that can contribute to getting rid of plaque build up. 

Eating lots of fruits is no alternative for proper brushing and flossing at the end of the day. But it’s nice to know that your mid-afternoon snack can have a positive effect on your teeth. 

5. Think Smart About Your Teeth

A healthy smile makes us feel more confident and comfortable about ourselves. This blog helps outline why. There’s just no better way to increase your self-confidence than by having a winning smile.

That’s why it may be worth taking a few painful but preventive measures to ensure you keep your smile looking bright. If you’re a big coffee drinker, consider cutting back. Alternatively, consider drinking your coffee through a straw so it doesn’t have to pass over your teeth. 

Enjoy both red wine and soda in moderation, and consider heading straight to the bathroom to brush them away after enjoying. 

Smoking and chewing tobacco are other big causes of tooth discoloration. But they have a number of other health risks as well, so the health of your teeth might just be another good reason to drop the habit. 

DIY Teeth Whitening Tips

A bright and shiny smile can get you far in this world. Many of us want to have such a smile but struggle with getting our teeth up to that standard. The above DIY teeth whitening tips can help you on your path back to picture-perfect pearly whites.

Have more suggestions about how to go white while staying green? Feel free to reach out about any solutions we might have missed.