Benefits Of Planting Trees

Has your garden or backyard been looking a bit bare lately? Feel like a few trees could upgrade your space — or even your neighborhood? 

Even if you don’t exactly have the greenest thumb in the world, planting trees isn’t as intimidating as you might think. 

Plus, there are so many benefits of planting trees not just for yourself, but for the world around you. 

Are you curious about the advantages of planting trees and tending to them to ensure they grow beautifully? If so, then keep on reading this post. 

By the end, we’re sure you’ll be convinced to buy a seedling of your own.

1. They Shield Us From Harm (And Unsightly Things!)

One of the biggest benefits of planting trees? 

They offer us incredible protection. 

First of all, they’re able to block out harmful UV rays, which can lead to sun damage and even skin cancer. They also prevent the “heat island” effect which is so common in crowded areas and big cities. 

Trees create the process of evaporative cooling, which helps to regulate temperature and block out excessive sunlight. 

Of course, trees also give us the oxygen we need to breathe.

Trees don’t just offer us protection against the sun. They can also greatly improve the look and even property values of the land where they’re placed. Need to block out an old, run-down building? Want to hide a factory? 

Interested in quieting the sound of a nearby highway or busy street?

Trees can help make it happen.

If you’re confused about how to pick out the best trees for blocking out light, or if you need trees that will grow tall enough to hide unsightly buildings, check out this website to make the right choice. 

2. The Health Benefits of Trees 

Many people simply aren’t aware of the incredible amount of health benefits that trees have to offer us. 

First of all, they can help to increase your concentration, help children with ADHD to manage their symptoms, and even help patients in hospitals to heal faster. 

Some medical professionals also believe that trees can help to manage the symptoms of asthma because they absorb pollutants that can so often trigger an asthma attack. 

They can even help to ward off depression and other mental illnesses. 

All told, trees save about $7 billion in health care costs — within a single year.

3. Exceptional Environmental Benefits

Perhaps the best-known benefits of planting trees are the ones that have to do with the environmental impact. 

First of all, they improve overall air quality because they actively filter out pollutants, dirt, and dust. This is why so many city blocks — even the smallest ones — are lined with trees. 

Interestingly, trees also help to keep erosion under control. 

This is because their soil actually absorbs stormwater for food and nutrients, which means that flooding will be much less likely to happen. 

Don’t forget that animals also rely on trees to serve as their habitats and sources of food. So, you’re not just giving back to yourself when you plant a tree. You’re also creating a more sustainable future for the world around you. 

4. Lowered Crime Rates

Yes, you read that correctly. 

Perhaps one of the most surprising benefits of planting trees is that they can help to prevent violent crimes in dangerous areas with a higher crime rate than average. 


First of all, studies have shown that having access to green space makes people much more likely to spend time outdoors, interacting with others. This boosts mood and social skills, which means crime is less likely. 

Additionally, plants and trees have a calming effect that may even be on the level of a therapy session. Trees help to lower mental stress and exhaustion, and may even be able to increase impulse control. 

So, even if there’s not much crime in your area, planting a tree can help keep it that way. Spending time with your trees is a great and natural anger management tactic. 

5. Trees Improve Business

Yet another one of the more unexpected benefits of growing trees? 

The presence of trees can actually boost business in fledging neighborhoods. 

It might sound a bit farfetched at first, but when you stop to really think about it, it makes total sense. 

When someone spots a beautiful tree, garden, or other landscaping detail, they’ll be much more likely to slow down and take a look at the area. They might also spot an awesome new restaurant they’d like to try, or a store they’d love to go shopping at. 

They’ll also be much more likely to spend time there. Maybe they plan picnics with friends under trees, walk their dogs in a tree-heavy park, or just lean against a tree with a good book. 

The more popular the green space becomes, business in the area improves. 

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Planting Trees for Yourself?

Now that you know all about the top benefits of planting trees, it’s time to head to your local nursery and pick up a few of them. 

We love the idea of inviting your friends or even your coworkers along for a peaceful day of tree planting. You could even have special plaques made to commemorate the occasion. 

Maybe learning so much about trees has you eager to embrace the greener side of life

We can help you with that. 

Keeping checking back with us for more tips and tricks on how to live a greener life.