electric car insurance

You aren’t going to get out a fishing pole and hope to catch a dollar bill or two on the hook. Commercials use these gimmicks to get you to watch.

In reality, fishing for extra money when shopping for electric car insurance is a new game. When you buy an electric car, you hope to charge your electric car for the cost of a gallon of gas. But car insurance does cost more.

If you’re going to pay more, is it worth it for all the savings on gas? Read on for more about how much it costs to insure your electric car.

Electric Cars Cost More to Purchase

You already knew that the Fiat 500 electric version costs more than the gas model. The same is true across the board on gas vs. electric vehicles, including the Chevy Spark and the Volkswagen Golf. You name the vehicle and the electric model costs more to purchase.

Even the Nissan Leaf, which is only available in an electric model, costs more than you might spend on a similar gas-powered model.

This means that the vehicle is more expensive to replace if necessary, and the insurance company must hedge its bets to stay in business.

Electric Cars Cost More to Fix

Battery-powered vehicles also cost more to fix if they sustain damage in an accident.

The parts to fix an electric car, including the battery pack, cost significantly more to replace. Fewer suppliers have what you need, so the ones that do carry the parts almost have a monopoly.

This means they can charge more than they might if a competitor forced them to offer similar pricing. You can expect mechanics to pass those costs on to you.

Fewer mechanics have the experience necessary to work on electric cars. This means that those who can work on them will charge more because they have the market.

All in all, from parts to labor costs, electric cars will run you more when they end up in the shop.

Choosing An Electric Car Insurance Company

Deciding which insurance company to use can be frustrating. Many companies have reviews online that will help you make a decision, but you can expect to spend about 20% more to insure an electric car.

For example, based on the Safeco insurance reviews, 82% of customers would recommend that their friends try it, too. Why not try getting a quote for your electric car and comparing it to other companies?

Rates vary based on the state. Use NerdWallet’s car insurance comparison tool to help you find accurate quotes for your geographic area. From Geico and Progressive to USAA, this tool can help you look at different companies and what they charge.

Ready to Drive

Make sure to take into account electric car insurance when deciding which to buy. Whether you go with a fuel-efficient SUV or an electric car, we’re confident you’ll make the right decision.

Even though they cost more to buy, to fix, and to insure, hybrids and electric cars are good for the environment. They can even save you money in the long run. Choosing one over a regular gas-powered vehicle is a decision you can feel good about.

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