Temperatures rising





The cycle of hot and cold weather has always been taxing on our infrastructure, but temperatures today are getting more extreme, more often. The highs are getting higher and the lows are getting lower.

We often consider what life will be like in decades when we think about the effects of climate change, but the truth is, we’re already feeling the affects.

Extreme Temperatures Today

The summer of 2018 ranked as the 4th hottest summer in recorded history shortly followed by the extremely frigid conditions of a polar vortex this past winter.

It just seems like extreme weather today is followed by extreme weather tomorrow and on and on we go. Say goodbye to fall. Say goodbye to spring. Our future lies solely between a bitter cold winter and a sweltering hot summer.

With that kind of weather forecast, storms are also bound to be more intense. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Winter storms. Flooding. Draught.

Sure, the current temperature may be nice but who knows what you’re bound to encounter tomorrow?

An 8 to 10 degree swing between days seems to be increasingly common these days.

The Effects on Infrastructure

With extreme weather comes high home insurance rates, weather-related health problems and fluctuating crop yields (just the tip of the iceberg.)

Combine the increasing frequency of extreme weather and our aging infrastructure and you get a looming disaster.

It’s been a long time since America’s infrastructure had a face lift, but as we head into the years ahead we have to be more aware of the effects extreme weather has on our roads, our bridges and our buildings.

Freezing and thawing easily cracks apart any man-made construction.

We will have to invest in future infrastructure that will withstand the weather of today and the weather of tomorrow. That paired with plans to increase mass transit trains and busses will tax our infrastructure less.

Solutions Right Now

There are many ways to approach America’s issues with our aging infrastructure and the biggest steps lay with all of us. Climate change is real and we all have to work to combat it.

Drive less. Bike more. Take mass transit. Use less electricity and energy at home whenever you can. Be aware of your carbon footprint.

All of those are steps we all need to be taking as an investment in the future of our infrastructure, but also our future in its totality.

What can we do about it now?

Well, we need to push to overhaul our infrastructure before real disaster strikes like the pedestrian bridge that collapsed in Miami last year.

New, updated infrastructure needs to be in place, equipped with corrosion-averse anodes. We need to use more durable materials and set aside funds to make sure it’s all maintained for the long decades ahead.

Call your local representatives to let them know that you want to know your roads and bridges are safe. Tell them that you know climate change and infrastructure are linked and push for green reform.

You Have the Power to Influence Our Crumbling Infrastructure

The power lies with all of us. Use your choices and your voices to bring us a brighter tomorrow before the temperatures today impact too much.

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