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It’s common knowledge that smoking is bad for your health. But did you know that smoking is also damaging to the environment?

Fortunately, there’s a way to save both your health and the planet at the same time. Switch out your traditional cigarettes for an e-cigarette with vape liquid.

Not only are c-cigs the trendy, modern way to smoke, but they’re also better for you and for the environment. Read on to find out why.

6 Reasons to Swap Smoke for Vape Liquid

1. Lower Pollution

According to Freakonomics, smokers of regular cigarettes add 84,878 tons of pollution to the air every year. With e-cigs, though, no smoke is released into the air – just vapor. The more people who switch to vaping, the less air pollution we have.

This is because e-cigs heat the vape liquid solution and turn it into vapor. There is no combustion involved, therefore no smoke and no ash.

2. Reduce Chemicals

Tobacco smoke from cigarettes contains thousands of chemicals, many of which are toxic to you and the environment. An e-cigarette has only a few chemicals, most of which are known to be safe.

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3. Eliminate Waste

Instead of a pack of 20 cigarettes, you can get the same nicotine boost from just one cartridge for an e-cigarette. This means less waste from discarded cigarette butts and packs.

Vaping is also easier on your bank account. The cartridges are a much less expensive option than buying pack after pack of cigarettes.

4. Choose Strength

If you want to cut back on how much you smoke, e-cigs can help. You can choose the strength of the liquid you buy, so you can gradually cut back on nicotine levels.

You might start with a 18mg cartridge, and slowly work your way down to 6mg. You can even vape with no nicotine at all!

5. Avoid Smell

Cigarette smoke leaves lingering evidence of its pollution. The smell can cling to your clothes, hair, car, house – you name it.

Fortunately, e-cigs allow you to avoid the smell of cigarette smoke. You can choose from many different vape flavors, so you can smell like a hint of anything from chocolate to passion fruit. And the light scent from vapor won’t cling to you afterward.

6. No Fire Hazard

Fires can cause major environmental problems, by releasing huge amounts of smoke into the air, as well as destroying objects and wildlife.

Many fires are caused by cigarettes, making this a huge risk and environmental hazard. However, your vape pen or e-cigarette can’t catch anything on fire! You can vape safely, without worrying about safely putting out or disposing of a smoldering cigarette.

Make the Switch Now

There are many benefits to switching to vaping, so there’s no reason to wait.

Traditional cigarettes pollute the environment – and your lungs. They are wasteful, smell toxic, and potentially dangerous, whether it’s causing a fire or causing cancer. And they add immense amounts of smoke into the air that doesn’t need to be there.

Do the planet and yourself a favor and switch to vape liquid today. Making the change is easy!

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