aquatic animals

Ocean pollution is the worst it has ever been. Many sea animals are dying or becoming extinct because the vast amount of plastic in the ocean is killing them.

While America isn’t as bad as China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam who spew out 60% of all the plastic waste in the ocean, we still have a lot of work to do.

How do we begin? We can start a path towards cleaner oceans by teaching the rising generations that will be caring for our planet once we are gone: Our children.

Children learn habits in the home that they carry with them throughout the rest of their lives. We can teach our children to love and nurture our oceans by letting them develop a love for those that live in the water.

Here are a few ways to teach kids about the ocean.


Showing your kid what is out there in the world through travel will help them develop an appreciation for it. Usually, vacations are spent in destinations that have beaches. This is a great opportunity to teach your kid and about the ocean and how to care for the earth.

As you travel with your children to beachy areas, spend time explaining to them that the water they are enjoying and splashing in is also a home to various aquatic animals.

Help your children notice that the water they are swimming is clean and vibrant because there is no trash in the water. Explaining to children that they can help sea animals survive by putting their trash in the right place will make them feel valuable and important.

Sea School

There are fantastic sea schools and camps all over the country. Sea school can be a fun way for kids to learn about the oceans and aquatic animals. Not only will they meet new friends, they will learn about the importance of clean oceans.

Most sea schools have different activities and class segments that will teach them about different species that live in the ocean. As kids fall in love with the beautiful aquatic animals in our oceans, they will garner a passion for helping those animals thrive.

Sea school will give your kids an understanding of not only the ocean but of the environment as a whole. These classes will increase your kid’s knowledge and help them become well-rounded beings who think about more than their next plastic toy.

Visit Aquariums to See Aquatic Animals

Aquariums are a fantastic way to introduce your children to aquatic animals. At aquariums, they will be able to physically meet their sea friends and put a face to the animals they’ve learned are in the ocean.

With so many great aquariums, like seaquestaquariums, your children will get the best of the marine bunch. Let your children dive into the underwater world whenever they can at aquariums in your area.

A Clean Ocean is a Happy Ocean

With the technology available to us in 2017 for waste care, there is no reason trash needs to be spewed into our beautiful oceans. Teaching children the value of our waters will make for a cleaner future.

Paired with clean energy and green ways of living, we can help heal our oceans and our planet. It’s time to start caring for our oceans and start living green. Check out the rest of our site for more tips on how to make changes in your life through clean energy and green living.