environmental cleanup companies

There are few things as precious as Earth’s environment. It supports the thriving life cycles of millions of species, including humans.

Recent years have seen waste, pollution, and spills threatening the planet’s delicate environment. Now more than ever, environmental cleanup companies are essential to preserving our natural support system.

Waste and Dumping

Many companies and individuals see nature as a convenient dumping ground for unwanted waste and other materials. However, such disposal of hazardous substances has adverse effects on the planet’s environment. And because humans live in this environment, those effects will catch up to them.

Recently, one company’s employees disposed of 25 out-of-date fire extinguishers by throwing them into the ocean. Each extinguisher contained 10 pounds of chemicals. Most of the chemicals washed up on a nearby shore.

However, a sheen remained on the water’s surface. Such sheens are indicative of a chemical presence.

In response, an environmental cleanup company placed booms around the dumping site. Booms are barriers that help contain spills and other water-bound disasters. Once the hazard is contained, skimming and vacuuming help to remove it.

Fortunately, cleanup finished the day after the dumping, thanks to the cleanup company’s efforts.

Oil Spills

Accidents happen. Pipes break. Containers leak. But when it comes to the environment, little accidents can have big repercussions.

In one recent accident, an oil pipeline company experienced a leak in one of its pipes. The leak resulted in the spilling of 1,115 barrels of diesel into the environment. This amount is equal to nearly 50,000 gallons.

Diesel is classified as one of the most toxic types of oil. Large spills typically kill any life that comes into contact with them, including fish, birds, and seaweed. This holds especially true if a spill reaches a smaller, enclosed water source.

Fortunately, the spill did not reach any waterways. However, winter weather affected the speed of the cleanup company’s efforts.

Fire Suppression Foam

Airplane hangars stock gallons of fire suppression foam. The foam shoots out, covers the entire floor, and fills the room by several feet. It snuffs out liquid fires by cutting off any oxygen a fire might be able to access.

Fire suppression foam is a carcinogen, an agent that can cause cancer. When diluted, the foam can cause skin irritation.

Last year, a hanger malfunction led to vast amounts of foam spraying and spilling into a street at the San Jose-Santa Clara border. Some locals took to biking through and playing in the foam. However, the fire captain advised anyone who came into contact with the foam to wash off immediately and seek medical attention.

Some foam seeped through gutters into the sewer system. A cleanup company was called to attend to the area before rain could further spread the harmful material.

The Importance of Environmental Cleanup Companies

In these and other hazardous situations, environmental cleanup companies have played an important role in toxic materials’ containment and removal. They continue to play an important role as more dumping and accidents occur every day.

Although these companies exist, environmental care starts at home. Whether it’s just saving energy or conserving water, the small steps we take today will leave big footprints tomorrow.  We have to work to make sure those footprints follow an environmentally sound path.

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