environmental sustainability

All environmentalists know the importance of protecting Mother Earth. Take a look at the news and you’ll see coral reefs degrading and rainforests are destroyed.

Of course, there are everyday steps you can take to help promote sustainability. These include recycling, conserving water, volunteering to clean up trash and try to use less power.

One of the most significant contributions are the products we purchase. Plastic and other harmful items destroy our earth. Beyond that, scattered trash isn’t recycled or disposed of properly.

Here are 10 products that practice environmental sustainability.

1. Reusable Utensils

No, we’re not talking about the plastic ones. Manufacturers produce millions of plastic utensils and they all end up trashed. They’re scattering our beaches and natural forests. No thank you.

Instead, take a look at these bamboo utensils. Included is a fork, spoon, knife, and even chopsticks.

They even come with their own carrying case. You can take these utensils anywhere; you always have utensils, they practice environmental sustainability, and you no longer worry about plastic cluttering the environment.

2. Stainless Steel Straws

Plastic straws are deadly — they have no environmental sustainability but are harmful to animals.

Our lovely animals, especially our friends in the sea, suffer because of plastic straws. They get plastic straws jammed in their bodies such as their nostrils and other atrocities.

Fortunately, many public places and restaurants stopped the use of plastic straws. Others ask if you want a straw so they’re not using as much of them. But unfortunately, this continues to be an issue.

Help our animals and stick to stainless steel straws instead. These straws are reusable and you can travel with them.

3. Cardboard-Free Toilet Paper

Do you think our waste is bad enough? Think about the products that contribute to our quality time on the loo.

While we’re still working on better ways to utilize our waste, bathroom products are starting to reinvent their products. This includes cardboard-free toilet paper.

So much cardboard ends up in the trash rather than ending up in the recycling bin where it belongs. End this controversy and look for cardboard-free toilet paper.

Besides, it’s cheaper than traditional toilet paper.

4. Sand-Free Beach Blankets

Having a relaxing at the beach is always fun. And you must think of all of the ways you practice environmental sustainability while at the beach.

When at the beach, you only bring recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable supplies. And who knows, maybe you helped a bird or turtle escape from a fishing line or cardboard box.

But have you considered what happens to the sand that’s covering you and your towel? When you remove sand from the beach, this causes beach erosion.

If you want to be environmentally conscious, leave the sand where it’s supposed to be.

Start by getting a sand-free beach blanket.

5. Reusable Shopping Bags

Whether you’re an eco-warrior or normal grocery store shopper, you probably have reusable shopping bags and use them frequently. It’s sure more convenient than lugging around flimsy plastic bags, right?

But do you ever use these bags for anything else other than groceries? Use them for clothes shopping, jewelry shopping, and depending on how big the bags are, use them for buying small appliances or other household items.

Some of these bags are made from eco-friendly materials such as hemp. Learn more about hemp here.

Remember — while these stores may or may not offer reusable bags, your goods are bagged in plastic. Do more for the environment and restrict plastic bag use.

6. Reusable Cups

Reusable cups have become so common, just about any public place allows them.

No matter if you’re getting coffee from the local coffee shop or you’re getting a soda at the gas station, you can bring your reusable cup.

And the other great part — you can potentially save money.

Most companies have discounts or marked down prices for those who bring reusable cups. For example, if you’re a coffee drinker, mega coffee shops such as Starbucks give you a reduced price on your coffee if you bring your own mug.

7. Biodegradable Waste Bags

If you’re environmentally friendly, chances are you’re animal-friendly. Do you have a lovable pooch who you enjoy walking? As a responsible dog owner, you probably pick up their poop.

But do you use bags from the pet store or bags provided by your neighborhood?

These are usually made of plastic, and contribute to pollution and environmental waste. Instead, try looking at biodegradable doggy poop bags.

When disposed of properly, these bags benefit our environment. The material of the bag combined with your dog’s manure serves as a fertilizer, which benefits our environment.

8. Waste Shoes

Have you ever looked at litter and thought to yourself, ‘wow that will make a great pair of shoes?’ Probably not. But some genius environmentalists came up with a great pair of shoes that are made of waste.

Adidas make special shoes from the waste found in oceans. These shoes are sold to customers worldwide.

Buying one pair of shoes will save the environment 11 plastic bottles! So far, the company has made 7,000 pairs.

9. Sand Paper

Ack, sandpaper? You mean that extremely rough material?

Nope — it’s paper… made of sand.

A group of United Arab Emirates University students worked on a project to make paper made of sand, and have succeeded. Fortunately, all career and school work are switching to paper.

But other necessities, such as contracts and billing, are still used on paper.

This will save a tremendous amount of our beautiful trees.

10. Bags that Dissolve in the Sea

Say you go to the beach and leave your bag. No problem — as long as it dissolves in water.

Now, water-dissolving bags are available. They also serve as a fertilizer. These bags called ‘I Am Not Plastic’ are gaining in popularity.

They can store all of your beach products and you just toss them in the ocean when you’re done.

Start Practicing Environmental Sustainability Today

There are several products available that reduce the amount of plastic used and are helping make our world a better place.

We only have one earth. Let’s make the future the best earth has ever had.

Do you want more advice on reducing pollution and living an eco-friendly lifestyle? Follow our blog and become an eco-warrior.