green real estate

The push for green spaces continues to rise with each passing year — and the real estate industry has noticed.

Not only are people advocating green practices in their day-to-day life, but they also want their homes to be healthy and environmentally-friendly, too.

From lighting to building materials, it’s now possible to live in a house that it is entirely green so you can be environmentally conscious and practice sustainability every day in your home.

Read on below to learn about five exciting green real estate trends to watch for this year.

Stay Green-Minded No Matter Where You Are

Even when on vacation, people want the places they stay to be conscious of the environment.

That’s why companies like Whistler Premier rentals are so popular. They provide accommodations that are in close distance to local attractions. They also cut back on the harmful exhaust that is emitted from vehicles.

Living green is here to stay in all aspects, especially when it comes to conserving energy. Keep reading to find out more about how the real estate industry is doing its part to be green.

1. LED Lights

Green homeowners are working to conserve water and save money. Why not do the same thing with lighting, too?

In addition to solar panels, another way to conserve energy in a home is through the use of LED lights.

They are more energy efficient, emit a lower amount of carbon, and don’t give off ultraviolet radiation.

2. Green Roofs

Green roofs on buildings aren’t just trendy anymore. Instead, they have become innovative areas for cultivating urban gardens, parks, and community spaces where people can gather together.

Installing a green roof requires a lot in terms of planning and financing. However, their durability and environmentally-friendly elements make it worth it.

Did you know that a green roof will last between 200% and 400% times longer than a standard roof?

This is just one of the many reasons why they are on the rise in green real estate.

3. Green Building Materials

In addition to buildings having green features or utilities, building a home out of sustainable materials is just as popular.

These materials can result in lower costs, better quality air and water, and improved health.

This trend has also extended to furnishing the inside of homes with green elements. These include options like energy-saving ceiling fans, eco-friendly countertops, and green flooring made from sustainable materials.

A building made out of green materials also enhances its value, which is never a bad thing.

4. Tankless Water Heaters

Another way the real estate industry is embracing green living is by highlighting tankless water heaters and other green appliances.

Instead of always having hot water ready to go, water is only heated in tankless water heaters when needed.

Tankless water heaters are energy efficient, save you money, and are easy to fix. Plus, they last longer than conventional water heaters.

5. Smart Technology

Smart home technology continues to impact the real estate industry in big ways.

Did you know that 81% of buyers are more likely to buy a house if smart technology is already installed? Or that it increases the resale value of a home?

Smart items such as thermostats, security systems, and other household appliances are a big hit with buyers.

Green Real Estate is Here to Stay

The shift to an increased awareness of green practices and living has made its way into the real estate industry, and it certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

It will be exciting to see how these green trends continue to shape the industry in the following years.

What other ways have you noticed the real estate industry working to respond to the green movement and buyers who want an eco-friendly home?