unique ceiling fan

Summertime can be taxing on your body temperature. And there’s no better way to cool down than by chilling out in an air-conditioned environment right?


Air-conditioning makes a significant contribution towards global warming, both directly and indirectly. There are far better, more economical ways to stay cool this summer.

Ceiling fans use around 75% percent less harmful electricity than air-conditioning units and don’t blast any hot air out into the surroundings while in operation.

These environmentally-friendly appliances don’t need to put a damper on the look of your room either. There are many unique ceiling fans available in designs to uplift the look of any living space.

Unique Ceiling Fans Work Just as Well as Boring Ones

Ceiling fans work in exactly the same way as a cool breeze. The downward draught they create by spinning anti-clockwise cools down perspiration on your body to make you feel cooler.

What they don’t do is cool down the room. It is a waste of electricity leaving your ceiling fan running while you are out. Simply flip the switch on for instant relief when you return.

In winter, you can reverse the direction of your fan so that it spirals air upwards. This will force any hot air that has risen towards the ceiling and down the walls again to warm the room. The resulting warming effect means you can turn your central heating down a notch in winter and save.

Modern ceiling fans come in a range of designs that look cool while they keep you cool. Take a look at our pick of some of the greenest, best-looking models on the planet.

Modern Art for Outdoors

The SLA-MP-MP-IN 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan features an artistic modern design which is perfect for upscale outdoor dining areas.

Finished in dark bronze with an unusual spiral design around the light fitting and maple wood finish on the blades this fan adds a high-tech appearance to your favorite outdoor spaces.

Classic Meets Contemporary

If you prefer something a little more toned down, yet featuring the latest technology, the Haiku Smart Fan is a great choice.

This Alexa-enabled fan allows you to control temperature with your voice or remote control as you choose. Available in caramel or black, the wooden-look blades fit in with most people’s sense of style.

Cool as a Cucumber

The perfect match for pale pastel interiors, the Hunter 59258 in mint delivers a cooling breeze by remote control, with four blades in a wood finish. A light adds to the appeal of this pretty, feminine ceiling fan.

What’s Cooking?

Your kitchen can be one of the hottest places in the home. Take the temperature down a notch with an industrial look Fanimation Enigma. One blade does the work of four in this unique design with a metro gray metallic finish.

Pumping Iron

Steampunk fans can take cool comfort in a range of unique ceiling fans which are belt-driven with wood-look blades and vintage metal designs. Check out the Fanimation Brewmaster for inspiration.

Going Green Looks Good

Unique ceiling fans are a very cost-effective way to conserve energy around your home. Whatever your taste, you can turn down the heat this summer in a responsible way and make sure your living spaces look good at the same time.