investing in the earth

A third of consumers now prefer brands that place an emphasis on being sustainable.

While your investment firm may not cater to the average person, clients still probably care about your impact on the environment.

Below you’ll find a list of tactics you can use to make your firm more environmentally friendly. With the help of these tactics, you’ll be able to improve both your reputation and your profits.

Let’s begin!

Encourage Remote Work

There’s a good chance that most of your employees use their cars to get to work.

However, if you allow people to work from home, you’ll reduce the number of car journeys that employees will need to make. Since employees are driving less, their carbon footprint is now reduced, thereby aiding the environment.

It’s normal for you to have concerns about remote work, so consider starting small. That might mean initially, you allow employees to work from home just one day per week. Then once you iron out any minor problems, you can increase the number of remote work days.

If people are adamant about working in the office, you should take steps to make your office more environmentally friendly. For instance, you may want to install an energy efficient ‘HVAC’ system

Limit Paper Usage

One way you can do this is by encouraging employees to print on both sides of a sheet paper.

If your current printer isn’t able to do this, consider investing in an upgrade. Making an investment in a new printer will pay off in the long run, as you end up spending less on paper.

You may also want to spend money on a cloud storage facility. In doing so, you’ll limit the need for your employees to use a printer, as the cloud system gives them access their documents, no matter their location.

In fact, this system may work so well, that over time you may find that your office becomes paperless

Recycle Old Electronics

If you want your investment firm to be one of the best online brokers available, you might find yourself spending a lot on new technology.

But when you spend money on new tech, it’s vital that you recycle your old electronics. In doing so, you’ll reduce the number of items that end up in a landfill.

The company that sold you the new electronics equipment will most likely have a recycling scheme in place. If they don’t, reach out to your local authorities for advice on how you should dispose of your electronics.

Is Your Investment Firm Environmentally Friendly?

The tips in this post should help make your investment firm more environmentally friendly.

It’s worth noting that there are many things you can do to limit your firms impact on the environment. Thus, while these tips are a good start, it’s vital that you keep going and adopt environmentally conscious practices, whenever you can do so.

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