Plastic bottles at landfill

Plastic is everywhere. It’s in places that you don’t even think about. We’re so used to making purchases without a second thought that we don’t even realize how much unnecessary plastic we’re using. 

What’s the end result? There are around 12 million metric tons of plastic being dumped into the ocean each year. Your answer might be recycling, right? 

Did you know that 90% of plastic isn’t even being recycled? It’s true. How do we fix the problem? 

The answer is cutting back our use and living a life without plastic! Sustainability is our friend and will result in a much happier planet earth. If you’re feeling a bit uneasy about deleting all plastic use from your household, we’re here to ease your mind. 

Living a plastic-free life is possible and easier than you think! Continue reading below for several ways to remove plastic from your life!

Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are a great first step. Accessing them is as easy as going to your local grocery store. These bags cost between $1-$5 and are worth every penny. 

Once you buy a few, you won’t have to worry about buying another one. Not only do reusable shopping bags help reduce plastic use, but they also make carrying your groceries much easier. You can fit more groceries inside these bags and their thick straps make carrying them from the car to inside your home a breeze!

No more cutting off your circulation with plastic bags. But don’t stop at the grocery store. You can use these bags for any type of shopping whether it be at the mall or anywhere else!

Refillable Water Bottles

Are you one of those people with hundreds of water bottles on your nightstand and inside your car? It’s time to say goodbye to the endless waste of water bottles. Use a refillable water bottle instead. 

Not only will this help clean your car and nightstand out, but it’ll also save you money! The best option is to purchase a refillable water station where you can fill up a fresh cup of water as you please. You can also look into placing a filter on your tap to drink from. 

Bring your refillable water bottle with you while you’re out and about and you won’t have to worry about purchasing water. Instead, ask restaurants, coffee shops, and other places to fill your bottle up if you don’t want to use a water fountain. 

Produce Without Plastic

Always try your best to purchase produce without plastic. Unfortunately, a lot of local grocery stores wrap produce in plastic, and it’s not needed. Pick out different produce that doesn’t come with plastic wrapping. 

An even better idea is to shop at a local produce stand rather than a grocery store. The produce here will be of better quality and won’t come wrapped in plastic. Be sure to bring your reusable bags with you as well!

Reusable Straws and Utensils 

If you haven’t already heard, plastic straws are a major topic of conversation lately. Many restaurants are removing the use of plastic straws and going with a paper straw or no straw at all. This includes many big-name chains.  

One of those big-name chains is Starbucks who will eliminate all plastic straw use by 2020. To reduce your own use of plastic straws and utensils, you can purchase reusable straws online that even come with a carrier to hold it in while not in use. 

When eating out, ask for silverware instead of plastic and always turn down utensils when taking food to go. 

Glass for Cleaning Products

Here’s one that you most likely don’t think about and that’s your cleaning products. Each time you purchase a cleaning product, you’re using plastic. To stop this cycle, begin to create your own cleaning products and use refillable glass bottles!

Making your own cleaning products is simple! There are plenty of recipes online for all different types of cleaning products. When you run out, you’ll simply make more and refill your glass bottles. 

You’ll even be surprised to learn that making your own cleaning products at home saves you money!

Tupperware for Restaurants

How many times have you eaten at a restaurant only to take your leftovers home in a plastic or foam container? This might seem like something you can’t avoid, but you can! When you go out to eat, be sure to take Tupperware with you. 

You can then fill your Tupperware with all of your leftovers. There are even glass Tupperware containers, which make heating up your leftovers a breeze!

A Green Memorial

If the planet is something that you truly care about, then you’ll want to ensure its health even after you’re gone. How can you do this? Consider a green memorial. 

Green Meadow Memorials offers urns of all different creations. Choosing an urn over a coffin helps preserve the earth’s ground. You won’t have to worry about the earth being dug up for a coffin to be placed inside it. 

Make sure you have a green memorial planned for yourself and let your family or close friends know about your wishes.

A Life Without Plastic Does Exist, and It’s Wonderful!

If you thought life without plastic didn’t exist, then you now know the truth. Eliminating plastic use is easier than you know! Use these simple and helpful tips listed above to start your plastic-free life today!

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