solar panels

Solar power is the future of energy in the United States. Other energy sources like gas, coal, oil, and nuclear all have negative impacts on the environment and the economy. They will need to be phased out and replaced at some point in the near future if the planet is going to survive.

Solar power is one of the only energy sources that can viably replace the ones we’re using now. There are several reasons why solar energy is good to use, especially in your home. 

Here are five reasons why you should take the leap and start using solar energy to power your home.

1. Good for the Environment 

The most important reason to switch to solar energy is that it’s good for the environment

Current energy sources like gas, oil, and coal all contribute to the buildup of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gasses have contributed to the erosion of the ozone layer. They’re also responsible for climate change which is causing problems all over the world. 

Solar energy doesn’t create any emissions, so it doesn’t contribute to the buildup of greenhouse gasses. Solar energy also doesn’t require digging or drilling into the earth to harvest energy-producing materials, which harms the local ecosystems and destroys animal habitats.

Solar energy is also infinitely renewable. All of our current sources of energy are finite – there’s only so much of them available on the earth. To get more of them, companies have to dig and drill in new places, which destroys even more land. Since solar energy is generated by the sun and the sun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, solar energy cannot run out.

Relying on solar energy instead of fossil fuels is the best way we have to protect the environment.

2. Saves Money 

Electricity, gas, and oil, all of which are typically used to power your home, cost money. You pay the companies providing you with each of these energy sources on a regular basis in exchange for the energy you need to power your home. All of these bills are determined by how much of the fuel source you use each billing period.

Solar energy can replace the consumption of other energy sources in your home. This reduces the amount of electricity, gas, and oil you use each billing period, which means that your bills will be lower each month. 

Using solar energy can also help protect you against the rising costs of fuel sources. The rates for electric, gas, and oil fluctuate all the time, especially if you live in a place that gets cold in the winter. The only cost for solar energy is the upfront cost for installing the solar panels. The energy you get from the solar panels once they’re installed is essentially free. 

Some people find that they can almost eliminate their utility bills by switching to solar energy, but that doesn’t happen for everyone. It depends on your house, how many solar panels you install, and how you finance your solar panels. Over time, though, solar panels will always save you some money.

3. Makes Money

Some people even find ways to make money off solar energy. Depending on the state you live in, there may be incentives for you to install solar panels.

Some states will actually pay you to install the solar panels as long as you give a certain amount of the energy you generate back to the grid. That means that you’re using less of the solar energy to power your own home. But you save on the upfront cost of the solar panels, which makes it totally worth spending a bit more on your utility bills.

There are also tax incentives for installing solar panels. There are federal tax incentives for installing solar panels. Many states also have tax credits or incentives for switching to solar energy. 

When you combine the various incentives with the savings on your utility bills, solar panels may actually make you money.

4. Increase Property Value

Solar panels can also make you money in a roundabout way: by increasing your property value. Installing solar panels is a big project. Many homeowners don’t want to undertake a project like that. So, buying a home with solar panels already installed is an attractive prospect to many home buyers.

Studies have found that homes with solar panels capable of generating 5kw of energy sold for more than $18,000 more than similar homes without solar panels. It’s also been found that homes with solar panels tend to sell faster than homes without them.

The bottom line is that solar energy makes your home more attractive and valuable to potential buyers. So, installing solar panels is an investment rather than an expense. 

5. Get Off the Grid

The grid refers to the energy grid that powers most of the buildings in the country. The utility companies that you pay to provide power to your home are all hooked up to the grid. So, if your home is powered by these utility companies, then your house is on the grid.

Installing solar panels and using solar energy to power your home can get you close to or completely off the grid. The term off the grid refers to homes that are using zero energy from utility companies.

Most homes that have solar panels aren’t completely off the grid. Modern homes require lots of energy, so most people still need to rely on utility companies for some energy. But solar power can greatly reduce your home’s reliance on the grid. 

Homes that get totally or mostly off the grid use a solar battery as part of their solar energy setup. Solar batteries store the energy absorbed by the solar panels so that it can be used at any time. Smaller houses that have fewer energy needs may be completely powered by a solar battery.

When your house is reliant on solar power, you don’t need to worry when you lose power. You can use your solar battery to power your house. This is especially helpful in places like California where energy shortages have led to rolling blackouts. 

Why Solar Energy is Good for Your Home 

These are just a few reasons why solar energy is good for you and your home. This renewable, clean, efficient source of energy is the future. Consider getting ahead of the curve by installing a solar energy system now.

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