green cat litter

Caring for your cat also requires a commitment to the planet. Improperly disposing of cat waste can lead to pollution and health problems that are downright nasty.

Exercising this care requires you to find the best cat litter for waste removal. You’ll have a lot of options, as such products make up a nearly $4 billion slice of the market today.

It’s important for you to stock up on green cat litter, in addition to following some other tips.

Put yourself ahead of the game by applying the four explained below.

Use Green Cat Litter Instead Of Flushing

It’s critical that you keep your cat’s waste from entering your plumbing and sanitation system.

You’re typically fine flushing dog waste down the toilet, but cat waste may have a parasite known as toxoplasmosis, which can pollute your local environment.

When organisms come into contact with this parasite, they can become infected and develop flu-like symptoms and immune system damage. These complications can require serious medical attention.

Instead, it pays to invest in green cat litter that breaks pet waste down properly.

A pet clinic like may be able to help you decide on which cat litter is best for your household and the breed of your pet.

Compost Rather Than Throwing It Away

To keep your local area as clean and pollution-free as possible, make sure to prevent the spread of cat waste in landfills.

Instead, you might want to start a compost pile, which is one of the most eco-friendly steps you can take.

You can start a compost pile to grow flowers and other plants, and start a self-sustaining garden on your property. Make sure to add food scraps and other biodegradable material so that your compost pile can thrive.

Choose An Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Product Or Mixture

You’ll want to shop around to find some brands of eco-friendly cat litter.

For best results, you should find kitty litter that has recyclable materials. Take the time to read the ingredient label and consult with other pet owners to see which they recommend.

There are also recipes for green cat litter you can try to apply, using materials like newspaper, wood fiber, and clay.

It may take you some trial and error before finding the right eco-friendly kitty litter for your pet. It’s worth the time to look into it so that you’re not adding to the pollution of your local environment.

Help Your Cat To Adjust

Regardless of which decision you make, it’s important to do everything necessary to get your cat on board.

If you’re switching from one kitty litter brand to another, ease your cat into it, as opposed to expecting them to switch their entire bathroom habits overnight.

For pet owners bringing kittens home for the first time, train them right away in using the type of green cat litter that you would like for them to adapt to.

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