energy efficient hvac

Roughly 65% of the American population own their homes. While no two homes are the same, when winter rolls around, a lot of houses are going to be sharing the same issue…

Their HVAC systems are going to be working overtime.

With dropping temperatures comes an increased need for heat and with that comes a number of negative things like skyrocketing utility costs and more strain put on our environment.

Luckily, when it comes to keeping your home comfortable you can have your cake and eat it too!

Today, there are modern, energy efficient HVAC systems that do a wonderful job of fulfilling your climate needs while providing a bevy of benefits you can’t get from older systems.

Below, our team shares with you just a few of the benefits installing an energy efficient HVAC system can bring to your home and the world around you!

1. More Comfort

At the end of the day, us humans like to be comfortable. That’s why most of us invested in an HVAC system to begin with.

The great news with energy efficient HVAC systems is that they do the job of keeping you and your family comfortable, better!

Modern HVAC systems utilize cutting-edge climate control technology to produce more consistent airflow and humidity control within your home. That means that you’ll be able to reach the desired temperature in your space faster and will be able to breath easy in the process!

2. Reduced Noise

We’ve all heard HVAC systems that love to announce themselves whenever they turn on. You know, that annoying humming noise?

For most of you with loud HVAC systems, the noise they make may have already faded into the background of your home. Believe us when we say though that second you experience a silent HVAC system, you’ll never go back.

Modern energy efficient HVAC systems have gotten so quiet that many can’t even tell when they’re working. That effortless operation makes for a more peaceful and afternoon nap-friendly home environment!

3. They Pay for Themselves

We all like nice things but they tend to cost money. Energy efficient HVAC systems though are free!

Well… sort of.

If you’re noticing that your utility bills get out of control during hot summers and cold winters, the savings you’ll see when you switch to a modern HVAC system will be outstanding. You’ll also get to pay less in HVAC maintenance fees to companies like Fast Affordable Air or others in your local market.

Every dollar you save each month is essentially a dollar off of your HVAC upgrade which will end up paying itself off and afterward, start paying you!

4. Increased Resale Value

Modern HVAC systems don’t just pay for themselves in the way of energy savings. They also pay for themselves in that you can use them as a talking point when you go to resell your home.

Nothing alienates a buyer quite like a noisy and energy-hungry HVAC. With your new energy efficient system, buyers will be blown away by how conformable your home is and how that comfort doesn’t come at the cost of obnoxious noises or skyrocketing utility bills.

5. More Intelligence

Have you ever wanted to turn up or down the temperature in your home but didn’t want to get up from your chair? Have you ever wanted to be able to adjust the climate of your home while you’re at work to make sure that it’s ready for you when you get home?

If you’ve ever wanted to do anything with your HVAC system remotely, energy efficient units have you covered.

With today’s HVAC systems, many offer functionality that can be programmed from smartphone applications. Others allow you to program functions from their physical control panel.

The increased intelligence of today’s HVAC units not only makes for easier usage but can also save you money by having your unit automatically adjust to temperature shifts outside!

6. You’ll Save the Environment

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you care about going green and the world around you. When you upgrade your HVAC unit to an energy-efficient one, you help make massive strides towards making the world a better place.

A lot of people don’t know this but our planet is in the midst of an energy crisis. As technology becomes more widespread and 3rd world countries start utilizing appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators, the stress that will be put on our global grid will go up substantially.

As a matter of fact, the EIA estimates that the world’s energy use will go up by almost 30% by the year 2040.

You taking small steps in your household today to help curb that energy usage makes you part of the solution. It also makes you somebody that can inspire others to do the same which can lead to a movement that will ensure our planet’s health for generations!

Wrapping Up The Benefits of Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

With harsh temperatures just around the corner in many parts of the world, HVAC systems are getting ready to start working overtime. To make sure that the additional strain put on your system doesn’t hurt the planet or your wallet, our team recommends taking to heart our tips above and investing in an energy efficient HVAC system.

Believe us when we say that, if you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!

For more of the best information on how you can go green in both your home and business, read more of our eco-focused content on NuEnergy today!