Do you love the environment? Do you pride yourself on your ability to keep your home clean? Have you always felt drawn to running your own business?

If you said yes to the above, starting a green cleaning company is a path to consider. 

It’s obvious that cleaning with green products is better for the environment. What some people don’t realize is that it’s also healthier for families, too. 

No longer do families need to choose between having a clean house and a healthy family. Green cleaning products and practices mean a healthy, happy, and sparkling clean home.  

Keep reading to learn how to get your eco-friendly cleaning business off the ground. 

Obtain Certification

Anyone can say they offer eco-friendly cleaning services even if they don’t. Terms like “natural” and “green” are used so often that they lose their meaning. 

Obtaining an official designation will give your business a sense of credibility. Search for local eco certifications to help build trust with your clientele. 

Target The Right Clients

We recommend starting your business by offering residential cleaning first.

Janitorial services and larger cleaning companies often dominate the commercial cleaning industry. You can branch out to commercial cleans as your business grows. It’s easier to get residential customers first and grow your business that way. 

When advertising on Facebook, use ad targeting to find the right clientele. You can use the Interests section to search for people with relevant interests. Try finding people with interests like “environment” or “organic lifestyles.”

Use Natural Products

Eco cleaning services need to use natural products. The good news is that you have a lot of options to choose from.

Consumers think more about the environment when they buy products for their homes. In fact, 71 percent say that being green is important to them. Cleaning supply companies have had to up their game to keep up with the demand for natural products.

The best green cleaning companies avoid using harsh chemicals. Bleach, for example, is a strong solution that lingers for many years. Even small amounts can accumulate in water or air, creating potential health hazards. 

Look for cleaners that are plant-based and biodegradable. Even your supplies, like carpet cleaning equipment, should be safe for the environment. 

If you don’t want to spend money on store-bought cleaners, you can make your own. Many natural cleaning supplies are made with ingredients you have around your home.

White vinegar has disinfecting properties. When vinegar and lemon come together, they can reduce the number of pathogens.

If your clients don’t want their home to smell of vinegar, essential oils can do the trick. Mix a drop of peppermint oil with dishwashing liquid and water for a great-smelling antibacterial cleaner. 

Become A Lean Mean Green Cleaning Company

Starting a green cleaning company will allow you to meld your love of cleaning and the environment. You’ll be off to a great start with our helpful pointers on starting your own business. 

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