Did you know that humans could have as little as 10 years left to make major changes before the environment reaches a critical tipping point?

Although this figure is startling, the good news is that there are plenty of cities around the world that are taking this crisis seriously. By implementing new technology and cleaner policies, these cities are able to make big cuts in their carbon emissions.

Do you want to travel to some of the most sustainable cities in the world? Keep reading to learn about the 5 most eco-friendly cities and what they’re doing to defeat climate change.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is one of the top eco-friendly cities in the world for many reasons. For starters, an astonishing fact is that Copenhagen has more bikes than cars. This is a prime example of how everyday citizens can band together to make an incredible difference in air pollution.

In addition, this city is also exploring all kinds of alternative forms of energy, such as wind and solar. Since Copenhagen treasures the environment, it should come as no surprise to learn that organic food and an abundance of parks are normal features of their society.

2. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm also deserves the title as one of the top green cities for similar reasons. Since Sweden and Denmark are neighboring countries, it makes sense that the two nations would have similar attitudes toward environmental topics.

Aside from implementing clean energy sources and preserving natural landscapes, there’s also a growing number of vegans in Stockholm. Since animal agriculture is one of the worst offenders for global warming, you can feel great supporting a city that’s devoted to making a green lifestyle accessible and delicious.

3. Singapore

Singapore is arguably the most sustainable city-state in all of Asia. What sets Singapore apart from other countries is their refined methods for recycling as much water as possible to prevent shortages.

Singapore also has high ambitions of becoming 80% green by 2030. They’ll do so by incorporating more green technology like a solar powered trash compactor and building more self-sustainable apartment layouts.

4. Portland, Oregon

Portland has always had the title of one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in America. Portland has a laid-back vibe where everyone rides their bikes and eats veggie burgers. This city is also taking major steps to ban single-use plastics and maintain their large amounts of green landscapes.

5. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver’s current goal is to ensure at least 93% of their energy comes from renewable resources, chiefly hydroelectricity. Since people have learned how challenging it is to minimize waste, the citizens of Vancouver are coming up with clever ways to recycle. For example, methane gas produced by sewers and landfills is being repurposed as energy to heat homes.

Now You Know the Most Eco-Friendly Cities

If you’re passionate about saving the environment, visiting the most eco-friendly cities in the world can give you a lot of inspiration. Once you learn how others live in these 5 cities, you can learn a few tricks to use when you’re back home.

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