recycled art projects

Arts and crafts projects are already fun because it sparks creativity. It’s even better when you can reuse items and turn them into something new!

We tend to waste 2.2 billion tons every year — and it keeps growing.

Want to do your part in less waste while having some ridiculously good fun? Check out these seven recycled art projects.

7 Totally Awesome Recycled Arts And Crafts

Chances are, you’ll have most of these items collecting dust around the home. All you’ll need are a few extra tools and time.

Piggy Bank Wind Chime

You’ve probably outgrown your piggy bank so it’s not getting much use. These have neat animal designs of all types.

Try this:

  1. Carefully drill holes into the feet
  2. String twine through the holes
  3. Attach the twin to chimes

Now you have a unique wind chime that’ll sing you a pleasant tune on those windy days!


Pinatas are pretty expensive if you bought one at the store so why not make one!

Try this:

  1. Collect and shred old newspaper
  2. Blow up a balloon to use as a base
  3. Mix the newspaper with 3/4 cup of glue and 1/4th water
  4. Apply layers to the balloon and let it dry

You can add extra sections to it using the mache then add colors and frilly parts with leftover newspaper. You could always keep it as decoration if you don’t want to bust it open.

Crinkly Dog Toy

Is your furry friend chewing through their toys within hours of getting them?

Try this:

  1. Toss a few dog treats into an old, plastic bottle
  2. Insert the bottle into an old sock
  3. Tie the top

Now your dog has a toy that’ll rattle and crackle to keep them busy for hours.

Mason Jar Lights

You probably have a couple that hasn’t gone into much use since that stint with trying to do home canning.

Try this:

  1. Scrub and remove any residue from the jar
  2. Apply 2-3 coats of enamel paint
  3. Insert an LED light and close the top

You could also use the edge of a nail to scratch designs or words which allows the light to shine through for an added effect.

This project also pairs well with mason jar containers!

Can Planters

Turn the pantry into garden planters by:

  1. Cleaning the can
  2. Applying a heavy coat of paint
  3. Poking a hole in the bottom for drainage

Now you’ve got planters to act as starters. Else, go big with coffee cans for those bigger plants you have in the yard!

Cereal Box Cutouts

Wait before you toss out the box! They make for a great canvas for art!

Try this:

  1. Print and cut a stencil that you find online
  2. Cut open the box and trace the design
  3. Add some paint or other crafty items

Now you have something neat to hang on your wall or placed in the yard by adding an old wooden skewer.

Pop Top Tops

Save those soda tops (metal and plastic) because they make for an interesting design when applied to surfaces.

Try this:

  1. Think of a design or a color combination
  2. Lay out the tops across a flat surface (like an end table)
  3. Use a hot glue gun to apply them to the surface

You could go one further by pouring lacquer to seal the caps and create a smooth surface. Otherwise, it’ll look neat either way!

Finding Crafty Others Like You

There’s a certain personality with those that create recycled art projects. Many simply do not want “junk” making its way back into the house. Nonsense!

If you’d like to connect with others creating recycled art projects, consider:

Here you’ll meet plenty of others interested in creating something ridiculously fun. They’re also Earth-conscious, too!

Get Creative With Recycled Art Projects

Look around and see what unused items you have laying around. You’d be surprised at the possibilities. Plus, you’re breathing new life into something old and having fun while doing it!

Over to you: What ridiculously fun recycled art projects have you created?