natural pest control

Estimating the number of insects is an impossible task.

It’s believed that there are 1,000 for every one human. Considering that there are 7 billion people in the world, that’s a lot of pests!

Getting rid of these pests when they invade your home often requires professional services. However, using these companies can sometimes be more dangerous than the pests themselves.

The chemicals pest control services spray in a home can hurt the client’s family, pets, and the environment. Here’s why green pest control companies offer a better alternative.

Companies Use Banned Pesticides

People have taken larger pest control companies to court over their use of banned pesticides. An entire family fell ill after Terminix used a banned substance to spray a resort in the Caribbean in 2015.

In the settlement, Terminix admitted that they had difficulty regulating some of their branches. Methyl bromide, banned from production and distribution in 2005, was the chemical sprayed.

One of the largest companies in the industry was using a chemical banned a decade before. This dangerous negligence almost cost a family their lives.

Pesticides Linked To Various Diseases

There have been studies that link pyrethroid pesticides to ADHD in children. These chemicals are some of the most widely-used pest control agents in both homes and public places.

Many of the products used by pest control companies contain hormone disrupting chemicals. These are harmful even in small doses, according to research by Yale University.

One of the chemicals, cyfluthrin, can lead to developmental problems and obesity. Pregnant women and young children are at a substantial risk and should avoid cyfluthrin.

Numerous pesticides are shown to be carcinogenic. Prolonged exposure to certain chemicals increases the risk of cancer, especially if the exposure begins at a young age.

Many of these harmful chemicals are used to spray crops as well, making it more important than ever to consider switching to organic foods.

If you find termites or other pests in your home and call Natura Pest Control, the first question you should ask is if they use any of these chemicals.

Pesticides Harm the Environment

With the rising concern over climate change and animal extinctions, many people are looking for safer ways to eliminate pests.

Traditional pesticides have terrible effects on the environment. They can find their way into the water supply and cause problems for fishes and water based plants. Spraying pesticides around the outside of your home if you’re into gardening increases this risk.

There are some that even cause damage to the atmosphere of the planet when used in large quantities!

A pesticide named Atrazine could lead to an increase in pests over time. When sprayed, the chemical becomes airborne and impacts the reproductivity of frogs.

Frogs are one of nature’s best defenses against insects. So, any impact on their population can lead to a whole host of problems — including an increase in disease.

Do Some Research

Some companies will add the word “green” to their name to confuse consumers.

Before you hire a company, make sure you look at their practices. Contact them to ask questions. Businesses should be willing to let you know what they use and any potential risks to you.

In many states, they are required to do so.

Don’t put your health and the environment at risk. If you have a pest problem, hire a green company.