green home

Moving to a new home creates an opportunity for fresh eco friendly house ideas and lofty renovations. The home has yet to accumulate tons of items making it easier to work on these smart projects.

Looking for ideas? We’ve got you covered.

Five Eco Friendly House Ideas for the New Home

The following eco friendly house ideas present a passive way to save on the average $114.09 residential power bill. They also contribute to environmental sustainability — a win/win.

Easy Fixin’

The first day is a great time to leverage movers to organize boxes and furniture. This will give access to areas of the home which you’ll tweak and fix to improve energy efficiency.

  • Cleaning ducts for improved air flow
  • Applying reflective window film to manage heat & cold
  • Adjusting water flow via aerators and temp of water heater

Small a lead to a big impact on lowering utility bills; it’s easier to make the adjustments before settled in.

Green Roofing

A study of green roof heat transfer by Carnegie Mellon University on the use of vegetation atop the Hamerchlag Hall found a 26% reduction of heat in heating months. The consensus being green roofing to be a significant benefit to both city/community and private owners.

An addition of a green roof begins with a sound, reinforced structure to support the new weight. A thin layer of gravel, wood chips, compost, and soil sit atop a liner (and optional insulation) to provide drainage and growing environment.

Plants like moss and thyme are great choices for vegetation.

Magnetic Generators

A magnetic generator uses magnets and copper coils to generate clean electricity. Generators are an especially helpful addition to a new home to help with both handling power outages and reducing utility bills.

The tech behind magnetic generators continues to develop toward 100% free energy. It’s not yet possible to achieve 100% efficiency but it’s getting there and available for a low, experimental price of $100 – $200.

Who would have ever thought magnets would fall into the alternative energy category?

Eco Friendly Furniture & Accents

The eco friendly house ideas do not stop at the exterior. Trends in furniture design have shifted toward sustainability. These pieces of furniture are forward-thinking in their use of material and production.

The development of this type of furniture use a variety of eco friendly elements:

  • Sustainable sources of wood
  • Reclaimed materials
  • Recycled metals and plastics
  • Durability and fixability

Green Cleaning

Do yourself a favor and catch the Chemerical documentary. It’s an eye-opening examination of the harsh, everyday chemicals we use for cleaning and personal hygiene. The doc presents how green cleaning products curb the chances of chemical exposure that’s known to cause health problems.

Green cleaning products are available through a few retailers and online shopping sites. Though, it’s quite easy to make your own with cleaning solutions using basic items like vinegar, baking soda, and unscented soap.

Going green at home is easier than you think. The process can help make you and your family healthier, save you money, and do your part to keeping the Earth a wonderful place to live.