• Alternative energy. Yu.S.Potapov
  • Fuel less motor by Kondrashov
  • New about Tilley car
  • Bessler machine
  • Water instead of oil. N.V. Kosinov
  • Nature of time. L. Price.
  • Magnet motor. A.E.Rumin
  • Transformation of magnet energy. V.D.Dudishev
  • Celvin drop machine. Yu.N.Novizilov
  • Vortex technologies. A.Akay
  • Time control by means of scalar waves. G.Roberts.
  • Electromagnetic engine by Ignatyev
  • Electromagnetic drive. R.Cornwall
  • Magnet motor. A.A.Kalinin
  • Global energy sources. Ph.M.Kanarev
  • High efficiency electrolysis by Stanley Meier
  • Water vortex heat generator (product for sale)
  • Autonomous power plant (product for sale)
  • Magnet motor TS2000
  • Ball lightning. N.G. Shabanova and G.D.Shabanov
  • Antigravity research
  • Time control experimenal device
  • Perpetuum mobile of 18 m diameter
  • RQM device
  • News from Faraday Lab Ltd