Spending patterns of younger generations indicate an increased interest in being socially responsible.

As part of these patterns, many strive to buy clothing made from ethically sourced materials.

Are you eager to start buying sustainable clothing in a responsible manner? Keep reading below for some tips to get started.

Press Pause on Shopping

As a first step towards buying in a more sustainable way, you should slow down on buying new clothing items. Don’t worry, it’s only temporary.

Taking a break from adding new items will give you a chance to organize and sort through what you already have. This will prevent you from buying items you truly don’t need and cut down on the impact you have.

Buy What Will Last

Working towards sustainable clothing starts with keeping items for long periods of time. This is accomplished buying sticking to clothing items made out of eco-friendly materials or products.

Linen is made from flax. Flax is a plant that needs less water and pesticides than cotton. It also doesn’t need a lot of energy to manufacture into clothing. This makes linen a great choice when considering sustainable items.

Other eco-friendly clothing materials include hemp and lyocell. Hemp is easy to grow and lyocell comes from wood pulp.

Try Washing Clothes Less

After working to buy clothing that will last, it is important to care for the items appropriately.

Many people wash clothing after each wash, but this actually will shorten the life of your clothes. Washing frequently can lead to fiber damage and faded colors.

Try wearing items like jeans three or four times between washes. Washing in cold water can help items keep colors vibrant. Washing in cold water also cuts down on your energy use!

Recycle or Donate Before the Trash

Even if you only buy sustainable clothing items, you will eventually reach a point where you want to get rid of the items.

Don’t just throw items out! First, think of ways you can reuse the item. Think about using old t-shirts or socks as dust rags.

If you don’t have a recycled use in mind, be sure to donate any items you can. There are many local charities that will accept used clothing donations.

Speak Out

There are many ways businesses can go green and become more ethical or sustainable.

Companies are willing to make more ethical decisions if their customer base asks strongly enough. So research your favorite company’s policies and decide if they are doing their part for the environment.

For example, this company works to use a network of shoemakers instead of being based in a factory.

Buy Sustainable Clothing Now

With these few tips, you are on your way to reaching your eco-goals. By assessing what you already have and making smart choices about new purchases, you will do your part for the environment.

Ready to get started? Share this list of tips with your best friend and plan a shopping day!