green energy solutions

Earlier this month, more than 15,000 scientists signed a letter, considered a “dire warning to humanity,” about the negative impacts of climate change on our environment.

But there is good news: By implementing more green energy solutions into our everyday lives, we can slow and even reverse some of these negative impacts.

Read on to learn about five solutions that could change the world.

1. Fuel Cell Technology

Several large auto manufacturers are already researching ways for cars to run on hydrogen and oxygen, instead of gasoline or diesel. This would mean that emissions include only water and heat, instead of harmful chemicals that damage the ozone layer.

This renewable form of energy is gaining traction, particularly as the government begins to mandate emission standards on new cars.

2. Tidal Turbines

Similar to wind turbines, where wind energy is harvested for power usage, tidal turbines use the energy of the sea.

These machines have massive underwater wheels that utilize tidal (wave) movement. The technology has had a slow start but picked up steam this year following the successful tests of a turbine unit in Scotland.

3. Solar Power for Home Usage

Arguably one of the better-known green energy solutions, the installation of solar panels for power and water heating is gaining traction – especially in cities with ample sunlight, like Phoenix and Miami.

The initial cost can be prohibitive for some owners (several thousand dollars for partial installations) but if planning to stay in a home for quite some time, it can make financial sense. Plus, the costs of solar panels are steadily dropping.

4. Geothermal Energy

Let’s face it: The core of our earth is hot. In fact, if you were to dig 4,000 feet underground, the rock would be about as hot as the surface of our sun. In recent years, scientists have begun to explore the possibility of using this heat to power and fuel large-scale industrial sites and production facilities.

The tricky part is harvesting and transporting that energy to the surface of the earth. This is one of the green energy solutions with most potential for industrial application.

5. Biomass Energy Solutions

Our world is full of decaying biomass – and biomass is defined as any organic plant or animal matter. When burned, biomass produces energy sources like biodiesel and ethanol. The kicker? Since ethanol and biodiesel are still considered harmful fossil fuels, large-scale biomass producers must replace the plants with new plants.

And as we know, plants actually consume carbon dioxide (CO2.) This means that the new plants eat up the CO2 produced when the biomass is burned, which means a net zero impact on emissions.

Another trend is bio-decontamination services. This company is one provider making headway in this energy solution space.

Green Energy Solutions Can Change the World

While we’ve just shared some of the larger-scale ways that the industry is moving to green energy, don’t forget that there are plenty of small, simple steps you can begin implementing today in your own household.

We are all responsible for maintaining a healthy environment, and it is possible to slow or reverse many of the negative impacts our society has made on the environment. What steps can you take today to make a difference in your neck of the woods?