green business ideas

Looking for an environmentally friendly way to increase your business’s bottom line?

Going green can save businesses millions of dollars over time — if done correctly. From simple operational tweaks to the adoption of green energy sources, there are ways to reduce your business’ carbon footprint and save money.

To help get your green business gears turning, here are our top 8 green business ideas that you can implement today.

1. Encourage Clean Commutes for Staff

It can be difficult to convince people to commute without using their own personal car. This is why you should actively encourage, or even reward, staff who do bike or use public transit.

Ditching the car for a bike (or walking when possible) is a great way to get daily exercise while reducing environmental pollution.

Consider setting an example by ditching your car. But if you aren’t very active, start slow. Consider doing one or two days a week of biking. Maybe even try to carpool with your fellow workers.

If you are just starting your business, be sure to consider a location that is close to public transit. This will encourage staff to leave their cars at home.

2. Check Your Cleaning Supplies

Something often overlooked when striving towards a green business are the cleaning products you use. Try to use the most natural, biodegradable cleaners you can.

Nearly all stores now sell green cleaning products.

Using non-toxic cleaning products will contribute to an overall healthier business space.

Other steps you could take include bringing in more plants to clean the air and shopping for furniture painted only with paints that are friendly to the environment. Look for low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

All these steps will make your staff happier and more productive, as one study found workers in green office spaces accomplish much more in a day.

3. Swap Outdated Energy Wasting Appliances

If the time comes where you need to buy new appliances in your office, warehouse, or other places of work, be sure to shop around for energy efficient models.

Energy efficient appliances require less energy to run. This, in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Many tax incentive or rebate programs exist that make purchasing energy-efficient appliances even more appealing.

If you do any remodeling in your office, follow these tips to keep the project green.

4. Change Your Business Lightbulbs

Switching out light bulbs is another good step towards becoming green. When possible, you should always buy and use compact-fluorescent or LED lights.

These bulbs sometimes cost more than other light bulbs, but will last a significantly longer time. Because they last longer, they will actually save you a few hundred dollars over time.

5. Utilize Alternative Power

Of the many green business ideas available to you, seeking out alternative power sources is one of the smartest. In many cases, your local power provider will offer “green” power options.

This typically lets you get some of your energy from renewable sources. These include sources such as wind, solar, and hydropower.

While you strive to use more alternative power sources, be sure to utilize your current device in a smart way. Computers provide a huge area to save energy.

Implement a policy of turning off all computers at the end of the work day. Also, check that your computer will enter sleep mode instead of just going to a screensaver during breaks.

Always try to recycle your old electronics. If your business replaces computers when they are only a few years old, seek out a local charity or school. These places will gladly accept slightly used devices.

6. Don’t Only Care About Convenience

Many businesses, especially offices, thrive on quickness and convenience. But to help the environment, it is important to avoid single-use products and throwaway items that we find so convenient.

A great place to start is your coffee maker. Do you have a maker that uses popular single-cup pods? When you start to think about how wasteful it is, you will want to shop around for a new model.

Switching to a regular coffee maker will save you tons of money and cut down on the waste you are putting into the environment.

In addition to placing recycling bins around the office, ask your staff to bring their own cups and reusable mugs. This will cut down on any paper cups and plastic bottles of water.

You should also consider composting any kitchen waste and have your local municipal service pick it up.

7. Cut Down On Paper Usage

Reducing your paper products and usage will significantly cut your impact on the environment.

Try posting staff manuals or other reference materials online instead of printing them. This will make it easier to update the documents. It is also one of the easier green business ideas to accomplish.

Strive towards keeping daily communications in a digital format. Avoid posting excess fliers on bulletin boards. While it can be difficult to do, you should try to unsubscribe from unwanted magazines and newsletters too.

When it is impossible to skip paper completely, seek out an eco-friendly paper. You should look for post-consumer waste (PCW) paper. This is made only from paper placed in recycling bins.

PCW paper takes about half the energy to create as regular new paper!

8. Check Out Green Web Hosting

Doing a check-up of your web hosting platform should also be on your list of green business ideas to try. More platforms now are getting involved with renewable energy. By using their services, you are doing your part.

Many companies use some of their proceeds to plant trees.

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Embrace These Green Business Ideas

Hopefully, now you are ready to go green with all of these great tips. No matter what type of business you have, there are simple steps you can take to do your part for the environment.

Want to discuss other energy efficient steps you can take? Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs and solutions.