eco friendly fashion

The world of fashion rapidly changes from season to season.

All too often pieces make a splash when they hit the runway just to quickly go out of style. The cycle repeats and the industry expands. On one hand, it is great for making profits, but on the other, a much more important world is taking a toll.

The environment is suffering.

The fashion industry is not always the most environmentally friendly.

However, eco-friendly fashion trends and choices can fight fast fashion’s negative impacts.

Here Are Three Ways Eco-Friendly Fashion Choices Make a Positive Impact

1. Thrifting is the New Designer

Speaking of trends, some come and go.

A great way to support eco-friendly fashion goes back to one simple rule – recycle. There is need to spend the big bucks on companies that are marking up items sourced in cheap labor factories. Instead, take advantage of trends that are back in style from a local thrift store or vintage shop.

These locations have beautiful, timeless pieces that sell at great rates. For the same $25 spent buying a new dress from a big brand, you can get multiple statement pieces instead. Such items include comfortable flannels, a pair of jeans to make DIY shorts, or your new favorite oversized t-shirt.

Affordable fashion that saves the planet, now that is smart shopping.

2. Choose Connections Over Money

Eco-friendly fashion is community friendly.

In fact, 26% of consumers are willing to pay a little extra for clothes that stand behind sustainable efforts.

Unlike big brands that hide behind their overseas production facilities, many of the companies supporting eco-friendly fashion will proudly claim their involvement. This makes it easy to decipher the real from the posers in the war on climate change and waste pollution.

A good rule of thumb is to shop locally.

Just like food sourcing at a Farmer’s Market, get involved in your local art community for your next sundress or a new favorite pair of jeans.

3. Classic is Cool

The best way to fight the demand of trends is to not get caught up in them.

Sure, a fun statement piece is good to have, but more often than not a day-to-day wardrobe consists of simple pieces that one can mix and match.

Invest in a tank top that works on its own during summer and can layer well in winter. Scope out a jacket that will be classic for the day time as well as night life.

If you live in a place where the weather shifts are a little extreme, store your favorite summer or winter clothes in collapsible bins instead of throwing them out.

The more you shop (and store) with the right use in mind, the more one or two classic pieces will have multiple uses.

The best part? It leaves a lasting impression by not adding to the mass amounts of waste produced every year from fashion. That’s a win-win.

Eco-friendly fashion is making waves to protect this planet. It is the only one we get, and the more we invest in it, the more we can enjoy the great outdoors.