energy saving products

Have you ever stopped to wonder just how much money your office is wasting? So many offices feature outdated, energy gobbling machines that cost thousands of extra dollars per year.

For even the most successful business, that’s entirely unacceptable. It’s out with the old, in with the new!

It’s time to bring in some fresh, new energy saving products that will save your office time and money. Keep reading to learn more about great energy saving products and how you can grab them for your office.

5 Energy Saving Products You Need for the Office

1. A More Energy-Efficient Computer System

The modern day office simply cannot function without dozens and dozens of computers. They’re with us all the time, even when we leave the office.

But one of the easiest ways your office can save money is by switching to laptops. The savings aren’t just energy related, either. Laptops are often more cost effective and last longer than your standard desktop.

Compare wattages for a moment to illustrate the point.

Your standard laptop uses, on average, around 60 watts of power at maximum. The typical LCD monitor/desktop combo uses at least 60 watts and closer to 194 watts on average.

If that seems like a lot, do some multiplication and you’ll see how much it really costs. That much wattage for around 8 hours a day, for 5 days a week, for 52 weeks a year. See how things can begin to add up?

2. Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting is another area that most offices can improve on. There’s been so much research in the lighting world that it’s easier than ever to save.

Keep productivity up and costs down by investing in a set of LED overhead lights. You may remember a mention of these fantastic lights in a previous post about aquariums. But there’s no reason you can’t use them in your office.

These lights use an estimated 75%-80% less energy than your standard bulb.

3. Invest in an Energy-Saving Copy Machine

No single appliance is more dreaded than the office copy machine. It never seems to work when you need it to, and it’s loud and disruptive when it does.

You’re in luck, however. You can buy a commercial copy machine that uses less energy and functions far better than your current machine.

Even better, you won’t have to take the time to shop for one. Most services will now come directly to your office and meet with you to discuss your needs.

4. Plug-In Timers For Coffee Makers and Microwaves

If you’re leaving your microwave and coffee machine plugged in after everyone leaves for the day, you’re throwing away money. Save yourself thousands of dollars per year by investing in a plug-in timer.

These fantastic devices turn off your machines after a set amount of time so you don’t have to worry about waste.

5. Incorporate Power Strips

Whether you’re using a laptop or desktop, chances are each employee has at least a few devices plugged in. You can cut costs by giving employees a power strip.

Not only will these energy saving products lower your bill, but they can prevent disaster. If a storm hits and your data is wiped out, you may lose precious documents and projects.

Picking up a few power strips for the office isn’t just safe — it’s smart.

For more great energy saving products and tips, be sure to keep checking out our site. Our research archive is updated on a regular basis and can help you save!