fun things to do outside

People are perfecting the way to be eco-friendly, from finding different ways to fuel their homes, to spending more time outside with the wonders of nature.

With the arrival of summer, who wouldn’t want to bask in nature’s glory?

Here are some tried-and-true fun things to do outside so that you can fully enjoy your vacation in the sun!

6 Fun Things to Do Outside


The perfect mesh of “fun” and “outside”. Camping can be done in many different ways, depending on your own personal preferences. It could be with a classic tent or with a teardrop camping trailer, such as the Aero trailer. Any method of camping truly gets you into the heart of nature.

Get away from the stresses of everyday life and go hiking instead. Go bird watching or swimming in a lake. Then finish the day sleeping under the stars.

What could be better than that?

Fill a Nature Journal

Nature journals are a great way to learn more about the world, all while getting you involved with many different fun things to do outside.

Grab your favorite blank journal and go outside. Watch the wildlife move around you. Notice the plants as they sway in the wind. Record anything that interests you down into your nature journal.

You could write notes to yourself, draw the clouds, paint the animals, or even collect leaves or flowers and keep them pressed in between the pages as a keepsake. The possibilities are endless and the process is both relaxing and fun.

You can take the notes you jot down and look up the plants and the birds you’ve observed. With this, you can learn more about the nature that you love and can build up your nature journal even more!

Build an Obstacle Course

This is a great physical activity for the whole family, even pets! Grab some chairs, rope, pillows, toys, etc! Use them to block off sections of an open field and then run through it. You could even make a competition out of it.

The best thing about a DIY obstacle course is that you can make its difficulty suit kids or pets or even yourself. It’s easy to adjust so that you can go through it multiple times while always keeping it exciting and new.

It’s both fun to create and to complete, all while giving you a good workout in the process.

Build a Fort

A comfy and personal space tucked away from the normal day-to-day drudgery. Bring out some pillows and blankets and build yourself your own fort right outside.

You’ll feel like a kid again, and if you have kids they’ll feel right at home with you!

Yard Games

There are so many different games you can play right in your own yard. They are fun things to do outside that your kids will love to participate in. And you’ll have fun with them too!

There’s hide-and-seek, Frisbee, yard bowling, kite flying, croquet, tag, and more! The fun doesn’t have to stop when night falls. Take out some efficient light bulbs and play the even more exciting flashlight tag!

Look for Constellations

Nature activities don’t need to be based on the ground. Looking up at the night sky is another great example of fun things to do outside.

Even without a telescope, you can go searching for the different constellations. If you have kids, they can recreate those constellations with some mini marshmallows and toothpicks, adding to the fun while making it a learning experience at the same time!


Give some of these activities a try!

Let us know some of your favorite things to do outside in the comments below!