Reduce Your Energy Usage By Insulating Windows

Did you know that insulating windows is a simple way to significantly reduce your energy bills? 

Natural gas remains the most common energy source for 51% of US homes. Anything we can do to reduce the burning of fossil fuels is positive because it reduces greenhouse emissions. One simple way you can help is to insulate your home effectively to reduce your own energy usage.

Let’s look at the windows in particular because we lose a lot of heat through them. Insulation is a quick fix. There are several ways you can do window insulation – and all much cheaper than replacing your windows!

Insulating Windows

One of the easiest ways to insulate your windows is to install curtains – or add a thermal lining to your existing curtains. You can also get thermal blinds if you prefer.

Both of these will reduce the heat lost through your windows, keeping your home warmer and saving on energy costs. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint as well.

Another way to insulate windows is to prevent the cold air coming in. You can do this in a number of ways.

How to Insulate Windows

There are several options to help keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Most of these fixes are inexpensive and you’ll quickly notice a reduction in drafts.

1. Add a Plastic Film

You can purchase plastic film kits to adhere to your window frame. If you’re wondering how to insulate a window, this is actually really simple.

  • Cut the film to fit the size of your window frame
  • Adhere the film to the window frame with double sided sticky tape
  • Tighten and fix the film in place by gently warming it with a hairdryer.

This is great if your drafts are coming from the actual glass of the window. It creates a dead air pocket between the film and the glass that stops air coming in. This is similar to how double-glazing works.

2. Use Caulk

If there are gaps in the window framing you can quickly reduce drafts by using caulk. Cracks in wood use water-based latex caulk; for cracks in glass or metal use a silicone caulk. You may need to re-do this caulking after a year or two.

3. Use Rubber Weather Stripping

Often windows are draughty where the glass meets the frame. A great solution for this is to adhere rubber weather stripping around the inner part of the frame, where it fits the glass. This stops drafts in their tracks and helps you keep your home cozy.

4. Add a Snake / Sausage Dog

A snake or sausage dog draft excluder can cut down drafts dramatically. You can use them along your inner window ledge or in doorways. They are made from fabric and usually filled with dried rice, dried beans or similar. You can buy or make them to match your room’s decor.  

Next Steps

If you’re looking to save money and reduce your energy consumption, insulating windows is a simple and quick fix. You can even combine several of these ideas for maximum impact.

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