Products Made from Hemp Are Great for the Environment

Currently, we’re chopping down 18.7 million acres of forest per year. That’s around 27 soccer fields every minute.

Now you may be wondering why this is important. After all, deforestation is often done to build homes, buildings, and products we use constantly. But forests produce oxygen necessary to breathe and provide a habitat for most wildlife.

Without these forests, we’d be a much less beautiful and diverse world. What if there were a simple way to avoid this devastation and preserve the beauty of our planet?

Luckily there is. Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that is grown specifically for use in industrial products. It 

If you want to know more about how products made from hemp can help save the environment then keep reading.

Hemp Can Be Sourced Locally

Part of what makes hemp such an amazing plant is that it can be grown almost anywhere and in almost any climate. Though it grows most effectively in a humid climate 

It also has a quick growth time maturing within months and producing for years after. 

You can even grow hemp in your own backyard. If you have a self-sustaining garden you can produce hemp that can be used for a nearly endless variety of products. 

Hemp can also make products you use daily. For example, there are tons of local vape shops like Highland Pharms that provide al natural hemp wax for smoking.

This means no more wasting oil to transport textiles across countries. Instead, materials to make everything from clothing to paper can be created using local products cutting down on their environmental impact.

Using Hemp Helps Prevent Air Pollution

Of all environmental benefits of hemp, cleaner air is rarely ever discussed. Most people think that hemp is limited to simply making cheaper greener products but it can also reduce the amount of pollution in the air.

Hemp can help destroy pollutants in the air and make the are cleaner and easier to breathe. 

For example, hemp is often used to make paper. It can make paper without the need to use chlorine bleach which releases extra carbon dioxide into the environment.

Products Made from Hemp Use Less Water

Our current method of making clothing textiles is extremely inefficient. In fact, making around 1 pound of cotton requires 101 gallons of water. This makes cotton one of the most water-wasting plants.

Comparatively, hemp requires a fraction of that water to produce about 1 pound of fabric. One of the main industrial hemp uses is making clothes and other fabrics in a more environmentally friendly way.  

Hemp can also grow in much drier more arid conditions than other plants. Meaning they require less watering and less overall care.

One thing to watch out for when using hemp to preserve water is the use of indoor growing practices. Because hemp can grow in almost any environment many farmers are starting to use indoor grow houses to save space. Though they help preserve the land they use more water than outdoor setups especially if growers want to overindulge their crops to help them grow bigger.

Save a Tree and Use Hemp

It’s estimated that in less than 100 years that all rainforests will be completely chopped down. Most of the deforestation that we’re seeing is the result of our need for paper and other similar products.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When looking at what can hemp be used for paper and other similar objects made from wood tops the list. 

As stated earlier hemp can completely mature in just months compared to the years that trees take to mature. Meaning there’s less time and money spent growing plants. Making it more economically safe decision than using trees.

Another benefit of using hemp rather than trees is that it often produces stronger more durable paper. 

You Can Make Biodegradable Plastics From Hemp

We are addicted to plastic almost everything we interact with on a daily basis is made from plastic. But unfortunately plastic is one of the hardest things to recycle and often lingers in the environment causing problems wild animals and destroying their natural habitat.

Hemp provides a simple and safe solution with green or biodegradable plastics. These break down over the course of a year rather the centuries like ordinary plastic.

How is it possible to create biodegradable plastic you may be asking?

The answer lies in how plastic is constructed. Ordinary plastic is made of cellulose derived from extremely toxic petroleum. Hemp, however, is great at producing cellulose and thus is great for making biodegradable plastic.

Hemp Helps You Avoid Pesticides

The most common topics in the news now is the trend of wanting things to be all natural and avoiding pesticides and other insecticides.

Thankfully one of the great hemp environmental benefits is being naturally resistant to pests and other bugs. This allows farmers to avoid using toxic chemicals that can enter into rivers and soil and contaminate food we eat and water we drink.

You can rest assured knowing that your products made from hemp aren’t harming any wildlife.

Solve World Hunger by Using Hemp

When looking at what is hemp used for, very few people understand how nutritious it is as a food source. The fact that it’s so easy to grow means that it’s assessable almost anywhere in the world.

Hemp can also make 2 important food staples flour and oil. These can make meals in most cultures and can provide a complete day’s worth of nutritional value.

Start Saving the Planet Today

Using products made from hemp is a great step to reduce your carbon footprint. Hemp products use less water and prevent deforestation but there’s a lot more you can do to help protect the earth.

If you’re looking for simple ways to go green contact us today!