conserve water

Did you know that 1.4 billion people live without clean water? And with all of the droughts taking place, this number will increase if we don’t find ways to conserve water.

Water is one of our vital resources. Our body needs water to rid our system of toxins and waste. We use water to bathe. And water makes up 70% of the earth.

Unfortunately, a lot of the water we use goes to waste.

Are you trying to be more conservative with your water use? Start your water conservation at your own home! Here are 4 ways to conserve water.

4 Ways to Conserve Water

You may have water now, but you may not have water forever. Read on and know the easiest water conservation methods.

1. Use Water Save Mode

Does your dishwasher offer a water save mode? If so, always remember to use this method. Instead of saturating your dishes with extra water, your dishwasher immediately begins the washing process.

Your dishwasher isn’t the only appliance that offers water-saving features. Invest in a water-efficient showerhead, a low-flow toilet and a water-saving washing machine.

2. Don’t Wait for Water to Heat Up

You more than likely love nothing more than to take a hot shower. But how long do you wait for the water to heat up? This wastes more water than you would expect.

While you’re waiting for your hot shower water, place a bucket under the faucet.

This way, you get your hot shower water while saving some water for another use later!

3. Support Businesses That Save Water

What if you try and conserve water at home but wonder if the businesses you support also care about water conservation? Don’t be afraid to ask!

For example, if you regularly support a car wash that recycles water, you could save more water than simply washing your car yourself.

Do you invest in lawn care and maintenance? Ask the company ways you can water your lawn while saving water.

4. Fix Your Leaks

Plumbing and utility leaks are not only annoying, but they waste a lot of water.

Keep a good lookout on your plumbing. The minute you notice a leak, fix it or call a plumber.

Don’t keep your leak lookout on plumbing alone. You could waste a lot of water when you AC unit leaks. If you don’t fix your leak DIY, make sure you call air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Live the Conservationist Life!

Water is a basic necessity and luxury for us. But we may not have clean water forever. Start taking water conservation more seriously.

From supporting specific businesses to shutting off the water, conserving water isn’t hard. Use these ways to conserve water and be one of the ones preaching water conservation!

Want to discover other ways to save water? Don’t forget about the ocean and our fishy friends! Here’s how teaching children about the ocean and aquatic animals will help save our oceans in the future.