environmentally aware

It makes sense to be concerned about the environment when it comes to choosing an office space. On top of climate change’s status as an apocalyptic reality, it’s good PR to be environmentally aware.

The savings on your electric and heating bill are just the cherry on top.

It isn’t easy to choose an eco-friendly office space. But if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to save money and the planet while you work.

Why Be Environmentally Aware?

Being conscious of the environment is about a lot more than just combatting carbon. While there’s no doubt that it’s vital to reduce your footprint, choosing a green office space is also a matter of dollars-and-cents.

Consider the status of millennials as a demographic. By 2028, today’s youth will be tomorrow’s majority. With that kind of purchasing power, companies would do well to look toward the values of their customers.

The youngest adult generation is environmentally aware. With almost 75% of millennials surveyed saying sustainability is one of their shopping priorities, the green generation will reward businesses who cut down on pollution in any way they can.

Being able to advertise your green workspace is a good way to entice this growing demographic to become both employees and customers.

What To Look For

Whether your motivation is ethical or financial, you should know how to find a green office for rent. While many offices will advertise their green capabilities, you should consider the difference between advertising and reality.

One of the best things you can do for the environment (and your company’s electric bill,) is to choose an office with a lot of natural lighting via energy efficient windows. Making this choice will move you toward a carbon-neutral living plan.

In addition, ask the property manager what services she contracts with. If there’s a pest problem in your office, it will be good to know that a green pest control company will come in to take care of it.

Finally, you should consider your role in making the office you live in even greener. While there is a lot that should be done before you arrive, awareness is a two-way street.

There are plenty of easy ways to go green at the office that will add very little to your company’s budgetary expenses. Whether it’s buying silverware instead of plastic utensils or bringing in plants to clean the office air, office manager and property manager can come together to make your office a greener place.

Even just turning off the AC for a short amount of time in the morning or evening can do a lot. So consider your role in going green.

More Green Office Ideas

There’s a lot that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Whether it’s at work or home, we all share this world and should do what we can to preserve it.

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