environmental trends

Montana is the fourth biggest state in America, but it ranks 44th in population. Despite lush, open landscapes and these small populations, this state is experiencing many new environmental trends.

Check out these 5 trends that are occurring in Montana and the effect they are having in the area.

1. Increased Droughts

Like most states, Montana goes through stretches of dry warm weather followed by rain. However, lately, Montana has been experiencing fewer rainfalls, which has local environmentalists concerned about droughts.

Droughts can be a problem for states like Montana because of their large forests. With decreased rainfall, there is an increased chance of forest fires

2. Increased Temperatures

Another one of the environmental trends that are occurring in Montana right now is increased temperatures.

While slight, these increased temperatures are decreasing fish populations. In fact, many streams and rivers have now been closed down to allow the fish to repopulate the area.

Don’t worry, if fishing is your favorite past time, there are many other streams and rivers operating for fishers. Or you can take a look at some of our favorite outdoor activities and try something new!

3. Risk for Birds

Another species that is at risk in Montana are the birds. Unfortunately, scientists don’t quite know the reason for the recent decline in bird numbers.

However, it is something that is constantly being monitored on the Montana government web page.

4. Improved Recycling Rates

Not all of the environmental trends in Montana are bad. In recent years, Montana has improved it’s recycling rates immensely.

Montana has always been a state conscientious of its exquisite nature. It’s full of rich resources and can be described as nature’s playground.

It’s no surprise then that the people that are attracted to it want to keep it that way.

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5. Deer Populations in Sharp Decline

The last trend to highlight is the decline of the deer population. Since 2004 Montana’s deer and elk numbers have been decreasing.

This is concerning for many of Montana’s seasonal hunters. Hunting is not necessarily bad on the environment. In fact, check out how ethical hunting impacts the planet.

However, if the populations get too low this could cause damage to Montana’s ecosystem. As hunter’s travel in Montana they should strive to follow all of the state laws. This will limit the negative effect on the environment.

What are the Environmental Trends in Your State?

Montana is one of the most stunning places in the United States. However, like most beautiful things it needs to be protected.

Understanding the trends in this state will help lawmakers and citizens to better sustain it. It’s also important for you to know and understand the environmental trends in your state.

Get involved outdoors and in the area. While one person may seem small, they can have a great impact on their community and the world.

Have questions about how you can be more environmentally responsible? Contact us! We can’t wait to help you out.