Did you know that the average American will move over 11 times in their life? With that much relocation happening, it’s a good idea to prep for your move with some helpful tips. 

Read on for our top 3 relocation tips for your next move. 

1. Take the Time to Be Organized

Nothing makes moving more chaotic than going forward without a plan. When you first learn of your upcoming move it’s a great idea to make a schedule of the necessary things you need to do coming up to the move. 

A few things you should consider adding to your schedule are:

  • Purchasing (or bringing out of storage) heavy-duty bins instead of cardboard boxes
  • Alerting utility companies of the date of your move
  • A cleanout day for recycling, donating, or throwing away unused possessions
  • Specific days to pack up specific rooms (beginning with the ones that are least used)
  • Days for renting equipment (storage containers, moving trucks, etc.)
  • Your actual moving day

Include everything you can think of and then stick to your schedule.

2. Invest in High-Quality Moving Materials

While cardboard boxes and laundry bins are considered a moving staple, there are much more secure, sturdy, and reusable options for your moving materials. 

If you, like most, are moving as frequently as the average, buying a collection of cardboard boxes 11 times is not only expensive, it’s not eco-friendly and very wasteful. Consider investing in a collection of large, clear storage bins with locking lids.

Not only do storage bins last significantly longer, but you can also easily see what’s inside without digging through the contents of the box, they’re easily storable, and if they are all the same size, they are easy to pack and move. 

It’s a more expensive initial investment than grabbing a load of cardboard boxes. But they’ll last through most of the moves in your lifetime, protect your possessions better, and be easier to store. 

You should also consider renting a steel storage container as opposed to hiring a moving company to do all the work. A storage container can be rented, placed in front of your home, and accessible for several weeks prior to your move. 

This allows you to move and pack in a slower, more organized way. When moving day comes around, a pre-scheduled driver can pick up your loaded storage container and deliver it securely to a new location. 

You can find more info on using storage containers for moving at https://conexboxes.com/.

3. Labels, Labels, Labels

When it comes to making your move easier, one of the best tips is to thoroughly label your bins as you pack.

Consider creating a color-coded system to help you easily identify which boxes go to each room. You can do this easily by purchasing a different color of sticky note pad for every room in your home (i.e. blue = master bedroom, pink = master bathroom). 

When you pack up each room, label the pre-selected color of sticky note with the contents of the box and place a sticky note on every side of the bin. 

On moving day, place a poster on the front door with one of every sticky note color and the room they are associated with. When you or the movers are bringing boxes into the house, you can easily identify which room to take it to without ever having to ask for help. 

Let’s Get Moving With These Relocation Tips

Now that you’ve got theses great relocation tips under your belt, it’s time to get started on your next move.

Where will your next relocation take you?