Cannabis Business Ideas for the Eco-Conscious Entrepreneur

It’s magic, it’s all-curing, it’s fun, it ‘s . . . the pot industry!

There have been decades of work getting pot legalized and when it did finally happen, it seemed like the industry had to scramble to form all at once. Now that it’s been legal in some states for a while, we’re seeing things slow down and get more efficient.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement and innovation. Quite the opposite. Now that they have the growing and the selling down, people are looking for cannabis business ideas to help them stay creative.

Are you passionate about the devil’s lettuce and have some money to invest? Take your creativity up high (see what we did there) with the business ideas/inspiration below.

Cannabis Business Ideas Fund a Perfect World

In twenty years or so, we’ll all look back and feel confused about why it took so long for pot to be legal nationally. By then, we’ll have completely weed-tax funded schools and our kids will be shining stars of intelligence.

Or so we hope. Whether it takes 20 years or fifty for the nation to get on board, those goals aren’t far-fetched. Colorado legalized pot for recreational use in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since.

Their legislators took a lot of time planning where tax dollars would go – which was straight to the schools. But guess what? They have more than they need to equip their students.

Now cities are spending their weed tax revenue addressing and housing the homeless.

What does that tell you about the marijuana industry in general? Other than Colorado is on the right track?

It tells you it’s a growing industry and you’d better get in on it, quickly.

Industries and Irresponsibility

The eco-conscious know that booms in industries don’t usually end well for the earth. Think about all the cool revelations in the industrial revolution – when we taught people to mass burn fossil fuels.

And how many cars there are on the planet now, and so on and so forth. How do we keep marijuana from taking more from the earth than it can give?

It’s a thin line to walk, but the marijuana industry has a step up on all those other guys – they start with plants. And plants help us filter the nasty greenhouse gases poisoning our atmosphere.

That means, if you’re conscious, you can get rich and do your part. Learn how below.

Cannabis Business Ideas that Help (not hurt) the Earth

You don’t have to have and grow weed plants to profit from the industry. There are different facets of the pot world, just as there are for any business.

And not a lot of people are paying attention to the non-growing or selling methods. But you are – which is why you should keep reading below.

1. Clean Energy

Have you seen those shops that are for hydroponic plants? Do they give you a vision of plants floating around in space like containers?

Or do you more likely see an inside greenhouse filled with pot plants growing under artificial lights? Those lights take a lot of energy to power.

And since people usually set them up at pre-existing warehouses or in their home, they don’t have access to renewable power sources.

That’s where you come in, as a business owner. Why not learn about how we can power the inside growing industry with clean energy?

You could create special solar panels or batteries that power grow lights. Maybe you patent a special converter that switches the grow lights from solar to electric energy once the sun goes down and you patent it.

Once your business gets going and your product has good reviews, you could start another branch. This branch would focus on building spaces optimized for clean energy-based growing.

We’re also seeing more dispensaries offering delivery services – which is another business idea. What kind of cars or accessories for delivery cars could you create? A weed-safe climate-controlled front seat safe?

The possibilities are endless.

It’s like you’ve become a real estate mogul and Elon Musk in one.

2. Clean Packaging

Another part of the industry people aren’t paying much attention to is how marijuana is delivered from the distributor to the client. The states where it’s legal have laws mandating they come in child-proof containers.

But those containers are generally made out of non-renewable materials like man-made plastics. Could you find a new way to make marijuana packaging materials that could be recycled?

How can high-traffic dispensaries make their business practices more earth-friendly? Could they start using renewable energy sources? Or go paperless?

There’s proof that people will spend more when there’s a cause, like stopping global warming in the next twelve years. Not only would the dispensaries front the cost for better materials, but their use would attract more clients.

It’s a win-win for everybody, including you.

3. Education

Yes, we know, education isn’t usually a cash cow, but you can make some decent cash. Plus, you’ll make a decent impact on society once you’re through.

Colorado seems to really have their weed ideas together, from taxes to talking about it. There’s a dispensary in Colorado that’s working with the State’s public health department to teach people about safe marijuana consumption.

And by people, we mean everyone involved in the industry. They meet with other dispensary owners to talk about having high standards for their products. And why it’s worth it to buy organic and use responsible farming techniques.

They’re working with other traditional agriculture engineering groups to figure out more efficient and long-lasting practices.

But there’s a gap here – who’s teaching the people who buy the products? They don’t need to know how to grow it, but what’s the best way to dispose of unused or stale nugs?

What about the new trend of dabbing and the propane heat tank it uses? That propane burning isn’t earth-friendly. We need someone to step in and educate consumers on how to consume with care.

If we hit it from all angles, consumers, and distributors, we can make sure there’s always enough pot to go around.

4. Legislation for the Distributors and the People

There are lawyers that only take cases related to marijuana and it’s use or misuse. They’re lovingly called weed lawyers. But right now, most of them only represent individuals or work with government regulation committees.

So, who’s consulting and helping distributors make sure they’re staying in the lines of the law? If you have a law degree, that could be you.

As new laws and regulations come up and new states start legalizing pot, there will be more and more need for legal counsel. Don’t leave well-meaning pot-selling business owners high and dry.

They deserve a chance at succeeding in their business as much as anyone else. If you can provide them with the information and the representation they need to succeed – then you’re both benefitting from the situation.

Or maybe you don’t have a law degree, but you’re really good with numbers? Want to know how your accounting degree can help the cannabis industry? View here for more information.

5. Cannabis Tourism

Have you ever heard about famous and sacred places falling apart because there were too many tourists? It’s not out of foul play or bad intent from the visitors – it’s just that these historical sites can’t handle the volume of people.

What does that have to do with weed? States, where it’s legal, have seen an increase in tourism, correlated with marijuana sales. These are states that aren’t necessarily equipped to handle the increase in visitors.

You could invest in eco-tourism in states where pot is legal. Not only would it help keep these states beautiful and able to grow more, but it will make an impact on the earth.

There are entire bachelors degree programs on eco-tourism, like this one from Colorado’s own CSU. They’ll teach you everything you need to know about the concept – but you’ll have to get the weed experience on your own.

There are such things as weed tours in places like Nevada and Denver, that drive people around as they experience the different growing processes. You could create the first zero-waste tour in places lacking in competition.

Remember, if you build it, the high people will come.

Get Others on Board

Finally, you’ll need to find people who believe in your vision and your cannabis business ideas as much as you do. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it most definitely wasn’t built with one set of hands.

Find people that believe in pot and believe in using the industry to make the world a better place. It’s already making it a safer one.

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