Self-sustaining permanent magnet motor by anonymous inventor

1) The armature type semicircle magnet’s polarity is opposed to the polarity of the outer face of magnets on the rotor. The schematic provided, if followed, should provide the necessary platform for the researcher to build an array of magnets around the device to provide the necessary motive force. Mine is very crude compared to what may actually be accomplished with a bit of experimentation. What I have discovered is that OU is actually FAR simpler in practice than in theory.

Theory, in my opinion is the obstacle to actual discovery……as the truth is stranger than fiction! Actually, after some consideration I have come to the tentative conclusion that the simple principle that provides momentum for this device, has been known for quite some time among certain ones……………ones who exploits this principle for their own private gain while raping and plundering my FATHER’S creation. I wish to stay around a while longer to do the work of my FATHER which takes precedence over this discovery in these pivotal times in which we live. If you wish to experiment yourself, I believe that CFI (eBay username) is still selling the magnets I used in my prototype model.


2) one more tip: I built a rotor template jig of wood to mount the magnets on. I used industrial kevlar doped glue for the magnets. If the magnets are not glued accurately… are in for one heck of a time as the “field leakage” is atrocious if any space is left when “shingling” the magnets for overlapping. That is in part why I recommend “shunts” of metal at the overlapping ends. I believe that my schematic provided you is sufficiently accurate as it was made to actual size and was used in making the wooden rotor template. simply make a print out and use a scroll saw or bandsaw and cut along the inner stepped circle arrangement. I used 1″ thick pine board for the wooden rotor assembly.

3:) In retrospect, one would do well to consider the device by one Howard Johnson who exploited very much the same principle in his device(s). Although my device is of an entirely different design…….I believe the quantum component being exercised is the same, essentially.


4) As you may notice in the picture, the device has no metal shielding for the S pole exposed at the overlapping ends of the magnets…..I submit that it would be more efficient in that configuration but cannot find nor I suppose, afford such material from what I have heard. I have gotten good results with the shielding material contained in computer hard drives and maintain that a single older computer hard drive is an excellent vehicle for duplicating my device on a smaller scale. The bearings and infrastructure are there to build on. The inventor indicated in an email that the stator to the left has an opposing field to that of the rotor…

5) I am a relatively poor man who was sorely tempted (believe me) to attempt to profit from this device……….I have since learned that I enjoy my freedom to do my FATHER’S work too much to end up like Howard Johnson…… on a military base since the early eighties…….or worse. Perhaps one of you obviously adept researchers will succeed in getting this or similar device out to the masses in your own creative way! I believe this device to be in the public domain and make no claims
regarding this device and wish the best to anyone who wants to experiment on their own! No attempt to patent this device has been made by me or anyone I know of…… have at it at your own risk/benefit!

6) Let me know if and when you have the rotor completed. I would be interested to see how you improve upon the current configuration!

7) If you attempt to buy the magnets from CFI on eBay, I would be sure and specify 12 magnets, (more may be needed if you are anything like me…….and break a few) of LIKE polarity, so you are not disappointed. He has or had many of each type:
N/S poles concave and convex. I believe I may have already sent a lot of business his way! It should work in either total configuration as long as the armature magnet(s) are of opposing polarity to the rotor.

8) someday maybe I will write a book about my experiences……you probably wouldn’t believe that either! Like the time Los Alamos National Labs tried to get on my computer among many, many others….(which still continues unabated to this day)………and why I had to cocoon myself for awhile and now make sure someone is at my residence at all times………..etc. etc.

9) look up Maurice Ward on the internet……now that is one invention that should make him rich beyond the dreams of Avaris!………but he hasn’t made a dime yet!……….wonder why……

10) Seek to acquire the TRUE wealth, my friend. My master has given each of us a measure of coin, to him that has increased the amount, even by a factor of one, To him will be given many times over when YAHshua, Jesus Christ returns………….but to the one who has buried his in the field for fear of losing it ……….or to him who has traded his for worldly riches………to him will be given for to be cast outside……..where his weeping and the gnashing of teeth will be.