Experiment on Magnetic Roto Amplification from ARK Research

Today I took from storage a DEC 10 power supply ferroresonant transformer DEC 16-1491 rev D (part number ) used 1200v 22.5 uF capacitor in the resonant coil (ac primary input 117V 3.8A ) 444.6W 573V 5.5A 3151.5 W circulating power in resonant coil, if diode plug is used as in plan with X 2 capacity each capacitor will become a half resonant Tank circuit becoming in a sense a VECTOR accumulator one negative and one positive “half” in “resonant” mode, if discharged in sequential pulse mode the power is awesome compared to the input.

The ratio in this transformer circulating power was over 7:1. All this time we were forced to asume this was a POWER FACTOR phenomena and that this power was not EXTRACTABLE in any way …well not any more with proper tuning and pulsing circuits or simple “spartan” resonant direct connections it can be used, I hope you can find FR transformers or get a standard one 120/240/480V primary 120/240/480V sec and turn the secondary into a resonant tank, transformer will humm and if tunned right will “drift” with input frequency “TUNE” No shunt needed since no core secondary current “regulation” is going to be used.

After this first step try diode plug use x 2 capacity.

Note: Circuit will not HUM it will do a PUNK! and input current will be a NO LOAD VALUE, but be very careful x 2 voltages and x 2 currents will be present at Plug + – terminals. Pulse extract power into resistor bank until system goes resonant (Humm) max “Q” if posible.

Try to replicate the FR RC effect and use the diode plug system ,this simple device make many obsolete by all terms.

This is simpler and cheaper than the rotoverter 3PH systems …Transverter systems may be the Volskwagen of OU systems for the money “handicaped” research guy!, transformers are cheap!, capacitors also, BUT I RECOMEND GREAT CARE, DEVICE IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS if safe parameters are obiated. I give them public …statutory copyright so print and date as original feel free to replicate in vitro.(built prototype) and validate. Any question just ask me! many OPTIONS to extract power are posible.

Anyway,here is the latest 1000w light Bulb rotoverter test, DANGER OK! don’t even try to make sense of the output readings its a VIRTUAL mess and a theoretic nightmare (normal rules does not apply on 3PH multy-resonant interactions with semy-rectifying loads, Exploded some mercury 1500w GE bulbs like grenades so be careful with the TUNNING of the system if trying to replicate, 100uF at 370V is FATAL to touch.