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Over 19 million tourists visited Virginia Beach in 2017. While visitors help the economy, it can be rough on the environment.

That is why Virginia Beach has partnered with many vacation hot spots to make your trip more eco-friendly.

Read on to find the best Virginia Beach parks and attractions that ensure your trip is fun and responsible.

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

The best place to visit in Virginia Beach helps the creatures that make it so special. The aquarium gives refuge to lost, hurt, and sick marine life and safely returns them home after they recover.

By visiting the center, you can get a glimpse of natural wildlife without disrupting or destroying their habitat.

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Explore this Virginia Beach national park through the 9,108-acre natural terrain of wet marshes, sandy dunes, and covered forests. You will discover that it is a sanctuary for endangered animals like sea turtles and bald eagles.

The park is as educational as it is fun and exciting as you get a hands-on learning experience.

Virginia Beach Escape Room

If you are looking for places to visit in Virginia Beach on a rainy day then try an escape room. Gather a group of friends or family to uncovered clues and put the pieces together to solve the mystery.

Choose from several themed story options to feel like you are part of an exciting plot in a movie.

First Landing State Park Beach

Nature trails in Virginia Beach, like First Landing State Park Beach, are historical landmarks. This park is home to one of the oldest lighthouses in the country.

Take a hike or a bike ride to visit this monument during the day. Then take a night walk to catch a movie at the outdoor movie theater.

Sustainable Homestead Institute

If you want to be a true survivalist then try this course on sustainable living in the outdoors. The course lasts one to five days and teaches you valuable skills like building a natural shelter and finding clean drinking water.

It also has a research farm where it tests eco-friendly production systems, from large-scale vegetable gardening to honey harvesting.

Green Places

This botanical garden is home to one of the most beautiful Virginia Beach walking trails as it covers 60 gardens over 175 acres. The best time to visit is in the spring to witness the blooming of its flowers and the activity of the butterflies.

This sanctuary preserves the area’s flora and fauna while giving visitors an easy way to soak in the sights, sounds, and smells of Virginia Beach’s treasured wildlife.

Planning Your Virginia Beach Parks Green Vacation

Virginia Beach parks are filled with eco-friendly ways to have fun and explore the city. But, you also want to make sure your trip is sustainable as well.

Think about choosing green transportation options, staying in an energy-efficient hotel, and eating locally-sourced food while on your trip.

For more ways to live responsibly visit our tips for going green section.