What do Apple, Walmart, and Intel have in common? A serious passion for solar energy

But they’re not the only ones going green. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, industrial consumption of solar energy is growing at an exponential rate.

Interested in joining these solar businesses? Check out these seven sensations of going solar. 

1. Reconsider Your Energy Provider

If you want solar power for your business but don’t want to deal with the panels that come with it, you’re in luck. Many energy providers send solar energy straight to your location. You and your customers won’t notice a difference in your energy source, but the planet sure will!

2. Invest in Portable Solar Power

If you’d like enough energy to power up devices, a portable solar charger is a great tool to have around. While its battery size can better determine how far it will get you, the bigger ones create enough juice to power small rooms and devices for hours. Since it’s portable, you can take green energy wherever you need it. 

3. Create a Solar Chill Zone 

Company chill culture is all the rage. Many companies, such as Google and Cardlytics, have designated employee relaxation areas in their workplaces to make coming to work more enjoyable.

Transform your workplace into a green and serene environment. Dedicate a space for relaxation and add some pizazz with solar decor such as solar-powered sunshades or solar charging tables. 

4. Get Solar Windows

If the windows in your business are older, you can replace them with energy-saving and producing technology.

Solar windows collect energy from synthetic and natural sources of light, meaning they’re constantly gathering energy. All of that collected energy then gets rerouted back into your office area, saving you money on utilities and reducing your carbon footprint. 

5. Get Solar Swag

Do you have company swag? With solar-powered promotional items, you can get your brand name out there while providing others with solar-powered goodies.

Plus, you can show the public that your company is committed to using sustainable energy sources.

6. Add Panels to Your Building

Enhancements in solar technology have grown so much that now solar panels can power hospitals. If you want reliable energy straight from the source, consider adding solar panels to your place of business.

The initial cost of buying and installing solar panels are costly, but they provide a great return on interest. With enough solar panels, you can provide renewable power your business every day for little to no cost.

7. Outdoor Solar Walkways

Want to add light, security, and glam to your business’s exterior without straining your power bills? Consider adding solar power to your walkways.

With tons of affordable choices out there, you can pick the lights that reflect your business best — and install them within minutes. While our favorites are the walkway bricks, there are thousands of solar walkway options for you to select from.

Join Solar Businesses by Going Green

Whether you’d like to transform your business into a solar energy haven or just cut down on your electricity consumption, there’s an alternative solar plan for you. With limitless options out there, you can easily join solar businesses on their paths to greatness by going green. Make your company a little greener today and reap the rewards of renewable energy.

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